Preservation of the food is not an option but an obligation that meets with the crucial aspect of global food demand. Africhill offers the most suitable solutions with this regard in the form of freezer rooms. Our range of freezer rooms helps in keeping your product or food fresh and safe for consumption. Therefore we try to contribute something unique that can reduce food loss and wastage. Our freezer rooms are the ideal solution for Read More
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You must be in search of insulated panels and that has brought you to this piece of work. You are exactly at the right place because we at Africhill are the one who can offer you best of insulated panel system for your cold, freezer rooms, blast freezers and construction industries at an affordable rate. You must be in search of insulated panels and that has brought you to this piece of work. You are Read More
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If you are in food business, there is no need to make you understand the necessity of the commercial refrigeration. You must have to follow the guidelines drawn by food safety and health department authorities. Eatery owners and caterers need to make sure that, they have the best cold storage facilities and appliances that can help them adhere to required food temperatures both hot and cold to avoid food related health risks. On the other Read More
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Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are rising in popularity not only in South Africa but preferred worldwide. It provides extremely durable, strong, and energy-efficient option to construct a building. With our top quality yet solid core insulated panel materials; you can make a building that has everything including walls, ceilings or even floors you may need in one place. We engineered structural insulated panels typically consist of a rigid foam insulation layer sandwiched between two structural Read More
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Insulated Panels first picked up consideration in the 1970s for their elevated level of protection, air tightness and quality over wood framing. Notwithstanding, after some time, weaknesses with basic panels have made developers and modelers assess the advantages and disadvantages of insulated panels. A brilliant structural insulated panel which tackles huge numbers of the issues of SIP is the one made by Africhill. Our insulated panels used in cold, freezer rooms and construction industries are Read More
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