A Guide to Buying Perfect Freezer Rooms for Your Business!

Unmatched cooling performance for effective storage! Africhill is a leading manufacturer of expertly-engineered freezer rooms, cold rooms, and top quality refrigeration rooms best suiting clients’ refrigeration applications and requirements in Africa. We have manufactured and installed a variety of freezer rooms throughout Africa for a wide variety of applications.

We offer prefabricated cold storage room construction and large cold storage catering to food processing, food retail, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, warehouses, dairy and ice cream industry, meat, chicken and fish processing industry, and various other segments.

Being the top modular cold room manufacturers in Africa, we offer the best solutions for modular cold room panels, large cold warehouses, walk in freezer rooms with insulated panels that make them energy efficient and save you money on your utility bills.

The freezer room is manufactured from flat or fluted panels and expanded Polystyrene and well-tried and tested ensuring no cold escape. If you need a pre-assembled cold room or a DIY cold room kit, look no further than Africhill cold rooms.

We can also offer you customized freezer room solutions for your specific needs, assuring you unmatched service, premium quality products, and affordability.

What To Consider When Selecting Cold Room Storage?

When you are looking for freezer room storage space, you are likely to have a specific need for the cold storage unit. There are a few things that you need to look out for to make sure that you choose the right cold storage space that is perfect for your company, or you run the risk of cold storage not being adequate, leading to the loss of a significant amount of stock.

Purpose of the cold room

For what purpose do you wish to buy a freezer room? D you need a commercial cold room for the hospitality industry needs or a laboratory cold room for pharmaceutical requirements?

Industrial freezer rooms not only safeguard farm produce, seafood, pharmaceuticals, and other agricultural supplies, they can also preserve operational IT servers and equipment whose lifespan can get affected adversely by the heat they generate.

Food processing, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, manufacturing industry, hospitality, and supermarkets find wide applications of freezer rooms that are durable, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-use.

The capacity of the cold storage

Your operational prerequisite should determine this aspect. The size of the cold storage should exceed the bulk of stock you wish to preserve. it should have ample space for shelves, racks, airflow, aisle space to roll bulk of food items in and out, etc.

The gap between the wall, ceiling, and volume of the products – all these aspects need attention. Cold rooms manufacturing companies recommend installing larger cold rooms than installing several smaller cold storage to provide the equivalent chilling facility.

Buy perfectly-engineered freezer rooms at Africhill and rest assured that they won’t break your bank.