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What is a Freezer Room and Why Do You It?

When it comes to preserving products, the first solution that comes to your mind is a freezer room. So, if you want to keep your products longer, you should understand better about freezer rooms.

Freezer Rooms

What is a freezer room?

A freezer room is nothing but a warehouse in which a certain temperature is generated artificially. It’s specifically designed for the storage of products in an environment just below the surrounding temperature. Generally, the products requiring refrigeration include fruits, vegetables, flowers, seafood, and meat.

What are the main applications of freezer rooms?

Nevertheless of the products to be stored, the commercial refrigeration rooms are useful for following things:

Goods Reception – The sanitary standards need that businesses like warehouses and restaurants should have right temperature to receive their raw materials. A good quality freezer room is necessary for these circumstances.

Storage and Products Handling – Freezer rooms help in increasing production and marketing thus by enhancing shelf life and transforming products.

Products Display – It’s very common to use walk-in doors that will allow the consumer to access products easily. This is much more attractive point of sale.

How does refrigeration work in a freezer room?

Generally, refrigeration slows down chemical and biological processes in food and controls deterioration and loss of quality. With freezer room storage facility, you can extend the life of fresh perishable foods like fish, fruits, meats and vegetables by several weeks or months.

Apart from this, a refrigeration engineer focuses on certain things while manufacturing a freeze room. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Fruits and vegetables breathe comfortably and generate heat during storage.
  • Most of the perishable foods need to be frozen in a temperature range rather than a single temperature.
  • The freezing rate significantly impacts on the overall quality of frozen foods.
  • The refrigerated air speed affects the moisture loss rate in the products to be stored.

How do you choose the freezer room temperature?

The internal temperature of freezer rooms depends on the materials or products that you’re going to store. The main application of these rooms is the storage of foods for their preservation like frozen foods, stored below zero temperature. For example, local vegetables and fruits are storage at 0 °C whereas tropical and subtropical fruits are at 5-13 °C.

How do you design your freezer room?

Remember that, good design of freezer rooms is not only about choosing the right equipment; but it’s the location for the safe accessibility of the personnel. If you want to ensure a safe access and maneuver into the freezer room, it’s important that contractors, engineers and owners should involve in the project to make the right selection of freezing system by focusing on life cycle cost and energy efficiency.

Freezer Room

What should you do?

Preserving your perishable food products properly isn’t an option; but a necessity. You should guarantee this process to ensure great savings and productivity for your company. A good start for you is to define your requirements and the process you require for your food storage. You should focus not only on the right equipment; but a specific and special design for your company.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to designing freezer rooms, you should look no further than Africhill – a leading manufacturer of perfectly-engineered cold storage rooms. We use strong and highly energy efficient insulated panels to manufacture our freezer rooms, saving you more on your utility bills. For more information about our products, feel free to contact us at https://www.aboard.co.za/contact-us/.

What Makes a Cold Storage Room a Right Solution?

Are you looking for professional solutions best suiting your refrigeration and insulated structure requirements? If yes, then you should invest in a cold storage room. It has all the specialties that make it an ideal solution for your business.

Money Saving –

Obviously, you have to throw away food and other products that spoil because of not providing adequate storage facility. A cold storage room will help you save money and keep the spoils to a minimum.

When you invest in a cold storage, you’ll be able to keep vegetables and fruits at the right temperature. In addition, you’ll be able to control the moisture level and extend the life of fresh produce much longer. This will help you reduce waste and save money.

Different Functionality –

Cold storage can be utilized for different functions due to their adjustable temperature functionality. This is really up to you if you really want to use the unit for dehumidifying or prevent deteriorating products.

However, a cold storage room can be able to maintain temperature constantly and is tightly sealed. As a result, it’s useful in protecting products in extreme weather conditions.

Efficiency –

When comparing efficiency, a commercial refrigeration room stands out from the refrigerators and freezers. You’ll improve energy efficiency significantly when you invest in cold storage solutions for your commercial premises.

Providing you with more effective insulation, a commercial cold room requires less energy while keeping your electricity bill down. This system installation includes less maintenance, easy operation and less downtime.

Timely Delivery –

It’s highly recommended to count on reliable manufacturer like Africhill. They have their own manufacturing line. There won’t be any non-availability of panels for your project that gets delayed. It means, you’ll get your cold storage room on or before the time.

Professional Installation –

When you count on Africhill for cold room, they don’t think that their responsibility is just limited to delivering the products to you. In addition, you’ll be provided with professional standard installation.

Customized Sizing –

Generally, Africhill uses modular panels to build freezer and cold rooms while offering you complete control over the cold room size you need. They are made with flat panels and expanded polystyrene. Rest assured that, all panels are well-tried and tested ensuring that cold won’t escape.

Modular Panels –

As discussed above, modular panels are used to build cold storage rooms and are pre-manufactured as per the design to minimize the time required for installation.

The cold storage room available at Africhill is manufactured from Chromadek or Zink Alum steel on sides. They are laminated on expanded fire retardant polystyrene by applying a tongue and groove system to ensure optimal structural strength and no thermal bridges.

Final Consideration –

When it comes to investing in a cold storage room, you should look no further than Africhill. We have extensive years of experience and expertise for delivering superior standard products at highly competitive prices. For more information, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at https://www.aboard.co.za/contact-us/.

Commercial Refrigeration Room – Energy Efficient And Space Saver

Do you run a commercial food storage business? Then a refrigeration room is a must for keeping your products safe in the long run. A commercial refrigeration room is a reliable and efficient storage solution. And we at Africhill are catering to the refrigeration and cold storage needs of customers worldwide. But what are the benefits of purchasing our commercial refrigeration rooms? Check out below –

  • Efficiency par Excellence

Being a reliable and experienced refrigeration room and cold storage room manufacturer and supplier we at Africhill make sure to provide our customers with the most efficient storage solutions. The energy efficiency par excellence offers great benefits for a business of any size. Instead of storing your stuff in several fridges and freezers using a single commercial refrigeration room reduces energy consumption which improves energy efficiency. Also these rooms are easy to maintain and we also offer maintenance services if needed. Our professionals will install it for you which further makes the process easier and better.

  • Utmost Safety and Space Saver

Commercial refrigeration rooms save a substantial amount of space as compared to using large number of freezers and fridges to store your perishable goods. Also, when you install a refrigeration room, you need not have to walk around different fridges and freezers that may take up valuable floor space. Also, organising your goods can be effectively done which enables you to manage the space efficiently. And an organized refrigeration room enhances your service quality. And safety of your goods is guaranteed.

  • Adjustable Refrigeration Rooms

Our refrigeration rooms at Africhill are temperature adjustable. A wide range of temperatures are available which allows you to adjust the temperature as per your business requirements. Our refrigeration rooms are fully insulated and sealed which makes maintaining the temperature becomes easy. We assure that our products are extremely reliable and hence you can use them a variety of purposes like a dry room or freezer.

Why Choose Us?

At Africhill we have been in the in insulation and cooling or refrigeration industry for more than sixteen years now. We take pride in catering to the refrigeration and cold storage needs of our customers all over the world. Our expert technicians specialize in manufacturing refrigeration rooms, cold storage rooms, condensing units, mortuary cabinets, insulated panel as well as blower coils for use in HVAC industry.

Moreover,  our products and services are available at competitive prices worldwide. We aim to provide energy efficient and hygienic atmosphere for food processing, transport refrigeration, blood and drug storage units.

So whether you are planning to install or replace refrigeration units, cold storage panels, insulated floors or blower coils for a boost in the performance of your cooling and freezing system, you can trust upon us without any hesitation. To know more about our refrigeration rooms and services get in touch with us today.

Commercial Freezer Room – 3 Places that Can Benefit From!

When standard commercial refrigeration units are not enough, the Freezer Room provides the perfect cold storage solution. It can be an ideal solution and offers more storage space to meet all demands.

Commercial refrigeration units play an important part in a large variety of businesses, from grocery stores, hotels to bars and restaurants. There are quite a few industries for whom precise temperature-controlled environments or cold storage solutions are necessary to preserve their goods. By utilising commercial walk-in freezer rooms, businesses can make sure their stock lasts longer and remains fresh.

The main purpose of the structure and design of the freezer room is to preserve a uniform temperature within. They’re made up of panels with flexible sizes to make sure that there is enough space for storage. They’re available in multiple dimensions, outfitted with features for optimal temperature management. The freezer room is ideal, energy-efficient, and reliable to store products at a perfect temperature and maintain a high level of hygiene.

Three places that can benefit from commercial freezer room –

F&B Restaurants – The food & restaurant is a very competitive industry. So, to run a very successful restaurant business it is essential to have the right refrigeration equipment.

Whether you run your catering, bakery, restaurant, or warehouses of food processing, a proper commercial refrigeration storage system is essential. Commercial cold rooms are essential as they provide an efficient and controlled environment to keep the food fresh for longer periods.

If your business handles large volumes of food products, you require large industrial cold rooms, also known as walk-in cold rooms. At Africhill, we install commercial cold rooms according to the specific requirement of the customers.

Hotels & Hospitality – This is another sector that can benefit largely from commercial cold room refrigeration solutions. They are essentially required to be installed in the kitchen where foods are stored and prepared for customers. The best freezer room solution is the one that is energy-efficient and ideal for keeping products at the desired storage temperature.

Hospitals & Clinics – Commercial cold rooms installation are essential in hospitals and clinics to store medical supplies like blood samples, vaccines, and diagnostic kits.

Medical freezer rooms have an option to contain two independent refrigeration units to guarantee that is one fails the other will take its place, to protect valuable medicines and inventories.

For more information visit aboard.co.za today, and we will be more than glad to help you with anything you need.

Cold Room: Providing Sufficient Storage Capacity for Your Goods

If you happen to run a restaurant, you need to ensure that you can retain your existing customers. Interestingly, the experience of your current customers may determine the next set of potential customers you hope to have. Therefore, it’s ideal that you work with the best preservative procedures to provide the best meals freshly. Fortunately, a cold room can come into play for individuals who want to facilitate storage in a larger capacity. This way, you can ensure consistency for your business in the aspect of tasty meal distribution.

Similarly, it’s not bad if you install a cold room in your home. The reason is that a lot of benefits come with embracing this preservative feature. On this account, here are some of the beneficial highlights of opting for a cold room.

1. Space management

As a restauranteur, you need to make futuristic actions about your business. As soon as your business continues to expand, you should think of how to maximize your resources. Perhaps, you have a lot of refrigerators in your domain. You should opt for cold rooms in the place of multiple freezers. This way, you don’t have to deal with a congested space. Moreover, you rest assured of minimizing the high temperature that refrigerators produce, compared to having a cold room.

2. Effective cost management

Will you prefer restocking your home with fresh perishable food while discarding the bad ones in your care? Perhaps, you prefer buying your food items in large quantities. The fact is that you may have to opt for cold rooms to save costs. As it stands, perishable goods may have an awkward taste under warm temperatures. Therefore, you can avoid food wastage when you make use of a reliable set. Interestingly, cold rooms fall into this category. On that account, you shouldn’t hesitate to opt for installation soon.

3. Customized formats

Perhaps, your worry is how you are going to fix a cold room in your house. The fact is that cold rooms can come in various customized formats. Fortunately, the length, width, and space will determine the best cold room package that soothes you.

Also, you can regulate the temperature of the freezer rooms. Perhaps, you have some frozen food you want to thaw quickly. Your freezer room can serve this purpose.

4. Effective goods arrangement

You don’t have to mix things up when you make use of a freezer room. The fact is that there is enough space for arranging your perishable goods neatly. This way, you don’t have to stay too long in the freezer room, looking for a hidden item. Instead, you have different sections that help you keep your goods in perfect shape and temperature.

Finally, you don’t have to amass multiple refrigerating sets to store your perishable goods. The fact is that you can embrace a refrigerating scheme that can guarantee the best performance. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in today for more inquiries. After all, you are looking for the best ways to keep your perishable goods fresh.

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