Maintenance Checklist for Industrial Condensing Units

Preventative maintenance keeps your air conditioning and heating system operating efficiently. What you may not realize that regular service is necessary for your industrial refrigeration equipment.

Even when you think they are working perfectly, your industrial refrigeration units can be consuming enough energy that costs not only your wallet but the entire planet. Preventative care and maintenance will save you more and also help you do your part to be environmentally-conscious.

Here are a few benefits you will achieve by scheduling regular cleaning and tune-ups for your industrial refrigeration units:

Preventing emergency breakdown –

When your walk-in freezer is going down, it’s enough to raise your blood pressure. If your industrial refrigeration system is checked regularly by a professional expert, problems can be identified and fixed before the equipment goes down.

Worn parts can be changed before they cause the entire unit to shut down. Therefore, it’s wise to check the electrical connections beforehand to prevent power loss. Regular cleaning minimizes wear on the refrigeration system and keeps important parts from breaking down.

Avoiding mold and contaminated ice –

Smelly ice can drive your customers away in a hurry and can make them sick. If the ice machines are neglected, they can develop bacteria and viruses like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli.

As a result, the dirt and mold are accumulated inside the ice maker. To prevent this situation from happening again, schedule a refrigeration maintenance expert to clean all components immediately.

Make sure your service provider cleans the bins, water lines, and dispensers utilizing products that are designed specifically for ice machines. Cleaning has the additional benefits of increasing ice yield.

Minimizing energy utility bills –

Maintaining the refrigeration unit can save around 5-10% on energy costs by keeping the systems operating at peak performance. When the condensing unit is dirty, your freezers and coolers are required to work harder to maintain the temperature, utilizing more energy in the process.

The gaskets, door handles, hinges, or seals that are worn and faulty can cause cold air to leak from the condensing unit, forcing the system to operate longer and utilizing more electricity. Your service technician will check temperature and defrost frequency settings for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption.

Extending durability of equipment –

Regular cleaning and maintenance makes your equipment work efficiently and helps it last longer. When parts are dirty and worn, the condensing unit operates more frequently causing more wear and tear on the parts.

Taking proper care of equipment –

Preventing these issues is much simpler than you think. You can contact a qualified refrigeration service company at least twice a year and once a month, depending on the load and application of your equipment. Here are following tasks you should consider:

•  Clean condenser and evaporator coils
•  Check lines for condensation
•  Clean fan blades and check the fan motor
•  Check for the insulation integrity
•  Check for air leaks through holes, cracks, and worn parts like seals and gaskets
•  Lubricate handles and door hinges properly
•  Clear off debris from drain lines
•  Check defrost, temperature settings, and calibrate thermometers
•  Check filters on ice makers
•  Clean all ice maker components thoroughly

Preparing a Customized Maintenance Plan –

Improperly maintained refrigeration equipment causes a great deal of waste. When condensing units operate inefficiently, they waste energy resources and money. When they break down, you lose out time and money as well as food.

You should consult with a qualified refrigeration service company to put together a customized maintenance plan for your business.

To know more about industrial condensing units, you can count on Africhill for your commercial kitchen preventative maintenance requirements. For more information, contact us as soon as possible!

Custom Made Cold Storage Rooms Meet the Growing Needs of Several Businesses

The cold storage room is such a necessary asset for a number of industries today! The growing consumer demand for chilled and frozen food or pharmaceutical market or warehouse supermarkets etc. continue to challenge the cold storage industry as living standards rise worldwide. Whether you are a food manufacturer, a beverage distributor, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the hospitality industry or in the food service industry, at Africhill we are equipped to offer you a wide variety of solutions tailored to your unique needs. Each of our refrigeration room holds their own uniqueness that meets the requirement of every client.

Finding the correct type of cold storage room is essential. Here is a guide that takes you through some of the most suitable utility of cold storages room for a variety of requirements.

Public organizations

Public organizations such as schools, hospitals, and care homes often have the mammoth task of feeding hundreds of people every day. Many public organizations are working on a budget may not financially viable to buy in fresh produce every single day. Hence it may need Refrigeration Room to keep their freshly made food produce or vegetables or food-related thing refrigerating in the public kitchen for anyone working in a busy or to meet the desired requirement.

Warehouses and supermarkets

Refrigerated room facilitates owners to keep things cold and moving it in and out to meet their customer’s needs. There is a growing consumer demand for natural, fresher foods and efforts are made by distribution warehouses and supermarkets to meet this demand. They have started to offer fresher products and ingredients as options to consumers. The integration of a cold storage room into a supermarket or warehouse creates a simple way to store and move goods before they make their way onto the shelves. Our cold storage room or refrigeration room can be used to freeze, chill and maintain the temperatures no matter the capacity, making them appropriate for all types of foods.

Restaurants, pubs, and caterers

Eating out is well-liked than ever and there is great raise in it. When eating demand becomes more the more will be the responsibility to meet the need. Big hotels, restaurants, catering companies and even pubs are now offering a wider variety of dishes to their customers. Hence it needs to store fresh produce on a long-term basis. We can provide several mobile cold storage Room solutions that are perfect for your business and meet your business need.


Correct temperature control is essential to maintain the quality of the product, its nutritional contents, and control of bacterial growth cold storage room increases the shelf life of most products kept in it. The requirement and demand for high quality, long-life fish products has been increased significantly now a day will make it essential to preserve them. Raw fish has subjected to fastest deterioration than any fresh produce. Cold storage Room can improve its lifespan significantly with quick and effective freezing. Our refrigeration rooms are the most effective cold storage solution for fisheries as they offer fast, low-temperature freezing and have the capability of accommodate even a high quantity.


Africhill provides you with professional solutions to your refrigeration and insulated structure needs and offers a wide range of bespoke refrigeration and commercial freezing units for businesses that need an exclusive cold storage solution. Talk to one of our experts by calling +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or text at info@aboard.co.za today to find out a custom-made cold storage to meet your business needs.

The Use Of Insulated Panels In Different Sectors

Modern insulations setthe contemporary building apart, even when compared to projects accomplished just thirty years back. Insulation allows contractors to control the inner temperature of an area with an elevated amount of accuracy & considerably more power efficient outcomes.

One most versatile type of contemporary insulation is the insulated panel. In this post, we discussed the use of insulated panels in different sectors.

Commercial building construction:

Commercial constructions, encompassing manufacturing facilities, usually have diverse climate requirements than residential properties. For instance, inside a manufacturing unit, the frequent exercise of equipment can increase the atmosphere temperature considerably to levels that wouldn’t be reached in a home. In this kind of construction, the employment of insulated panel lets project supervisors to better manage the indoor temperature of a facility according to their requirements.

Pharmaceutical Storage:

Pharmacies should pursue stringent guidelines for various products. If these principles aren’t met, the drug may damage or lose its power. This theory is especially true when medications are in storage or in transit.

Insulated Panels can form a great storage, which is free from humidity &moisture, non-particle shedding and non-combustible in nature which is the major requirements. If properly used insulated panels can be used for pharmacy storage room. Also, insulated panels are sometimes employed in refrigerated trucks used to transfer food, medicine,and other temperature sensitive stuff.

Warehouse Storage:

To shield items inside warehouse storage, numerous warehouses are kept at a cool temperature. These large areas require ample insulation because the many cooling systems couldn’t otherwise maintain a steady temperature.

Insulated panels are especially vital for cold storage warehouses, which may contain foods or temperature sensitive items like electronic gadgets.


Insulated panels are found to be the essential building stuff for large-scale refrigeration. Refrigerators and walk-in freezers are coupled with insulated panels to sustain the required temperature. These systems can be found in schools, restaurants, camps, hospitals and other areas where the ability of a regular refrigerator wouldn’t be adequate to keep foods or other cold stuff fresh for long.

At AfriChill, we provide insulated panels specifically designed for cold storage. Our insulated panels are also ideal for walk-in freezers, and also temperature controlled rooms for commercial, industrial or retail spaces.

5 FAQs to Ask Industrial Freezer Room Manufacturers

A freezer or cold room is a popular option especially for the cold storage of a large stock of food products. It can store large quantities of food at optimal temperatures for the long time period.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing between cold rooms manufacturers, it’s an important decision you make. After all, the cold room you require will be with you for almost a decade.

Many businesses consider the price and size of the freezer room only, but you need to get answers to these FAQs related to your cold room manufacturers to make a perfect choice:

The Frequently Asked Questions to Ask from Freezer Room Manufacturers

#1 –Do they manufacture cold rooms on a large scale?

Certainly, manufacturing freezer rooms on a large scale can give you a better estimate. So, always search for the manufacturers that are big enough to have their large-scale manufacturing units.

#2 – Do they modular design?

While searching for freezer rooms, just check out whether the manufacturer uses mostly modular designs as it can help you cut down costs. A comprehensive range of easily customized standard modular options will give you a better chance of getting a tailor-made solution best suits your needs and preferences.

#3 – Do they comply with safety standard?

The most important aspect is to keep your business compliant with food safety standards. You need to make sure that workers inside the cold room won’t be trapped inside accidentally.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you should consider safety compliance features like monitoring, recording, and user safety as your top priority.

#4 – Do they focus on user-friendliness?

You have to ensure that your manufacturer must focus on how the room will be used daily conveniently and safely. It’s suggested to go for a good quality shelving design that assures smooth stocking and cleaning.

Don’t forget to look for easy-to-use control panels and monitor systems that allow you to see that everything is running perfectly and temperatures are being maintained correctly.

#5 – Do they provide a warranty on their products?

It’s a patent fact that any food retail or catering business relies on cold room and other equipment to keep operating daily. In contrast, if you find your cold room non-functional, eventually it means shutting down the business and loss of income.

So, it’s important that you’ve chosen the solution, that’s supported by a genuine warranty and support. Always count on the manufacturers who provide minimum 2-years warranty and have a diverse array of engineers in place with advanced knowledge of supplier’s products.

Conclusion –

Looking for expertly-engineered freezer rooms? It’s time to invest in top-quality cold rooms at Africhill – the premier name in designing, manufacturing, and installing all kinds of cold rooms and blast freezer rooms in Africa.

With extensive years of experience and excellence, Africhill has served a wide range of clients seeking for a diverse variety of applications throughout entire Africa. You should buy perfectly-engineered freezer room from Africhill today and rest assured that it won’t cost you a fortune.

How Do You Maintain Commercial Freezer & Cooler?

More often you are not that much concerned about your commercial freezer and cooler. But they play a key role in your business success. But emergency repairs can be expensive.

However, certain malfunctions can be reduced or prevented with regular maintenance. So, active walk-in freezer and cooler maintenance schedule can ensure prolonged operation of your commercial refrigeration unit.

But, how do you maintain your commercial refrigeration system? Is there any quick guide to follow regularly? Of course, likewise every refrigeration unit, you should maintain the commercial freezer and cooler in order to let them keep up and running all the time.

After all, prevention is better than cure. Instead of ending up yourself in costly fixes, you should follow a maintenance routine carefully.

  1. You Should Keep the Freezer or Cooler Clean and Tidy.

 Cleaning is the perfect way to keep your walk-in freezer or cooler well-maintained. You can use soap and water for cleaning. Using cleaning products can impact the functionality of the refrigeration system due to the presence of harsh chemicals.

You can mop or sweep the floors surrounding the refrigeration system in order to keep it free from debris. In addition to, clean up spills right away to prevent any dangerous consequences.

  1. You Should Clean Evaporator Fan Coils and Blades.

To keep your commercial refrigeration system running fine, you need to schedule a cleaning of evaporator fan coils and blades quarterly. You should check for the damage as well and replace them as required.

  1. You Should Check the Door Seals and Hinges.

Hinges and door seals are required to be lubricated quarterly to make sure they operate properly. You shouldn’t leave the door open for long and ensure that it’s always closed.

  1. Don’t Forget about Condensing Units.

While maintaining commercial refrigeration systems, inspection of condensing units regularly is a must. You need to keep the surrounding areas of evaporators and condensing units clean for a proper airflow. Don’t let the trash or other debris particles accumulate around the walk-in freezer or cooler.

  1. You Should Keep an Eye on Temperature.

Check whether the temperature of your walk-in fluctuates often. Fluctuations are the common indications that something is not working perfectly. Cooler controls the whole system; so you should contact a technician to diagnose the problems if there’s any.

For instance, if you find a fault in the strobe light, it will flash to warn you of the potential problems.

Conclusion –

Perfectly maintained walk-in coolers and freezers can function well for years to come. They operate efficiently than those are not maintained – which in turn ensures saving you money in the long run.

Moreover, commercial refrigeration is something very important for any successful business operations. Though refrigeration is more often forgotten about, it’s wise to schedule a maintenance program regularly in order to keep your business running without any hassle.

For a better overview of commercial Freezer systems or just the condensing units, you should browse our website at https://www.aboard.co.za/. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and options.

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