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Cold Room: Providing Sufficient Storage Capacity for Your Goods

If you happen to run a restaurant, you need to ensure that you can retain your existing customers. Interestingly, the experience of your current customers may determine the next set of potential customers you hope to have. Therefore, it’s ideal that you work with the best preservative procedures to provide the best meals freshly. Fortunately, a cold room can come into play for individuals who want to facilitate storage in a larger capacity. This way, you can ensure consistency for your business in the aspect of tasty meal distribution.

Similarly, it’s not bad if you install a cold room in your home. The reason is that a lot of benefits come with embracing this preservative feature. On this account, here are some of the beneficial highlights of opting for a cold room.

1. Space management

As a restauranteur, you need to make futuristic actions about your business. As soon as your business continues to expand, you should think of how to maximize your resources. Perhaps, you have a lot of refrigerators in your domain. You should opt for cold rooms in the place of multiple freezers. This way, you don’t have to deal with a congested space. Moreover, you rest assured of minimizing the high temperature that refrigerators produce, compared to having a cold room.

2. Effective cost management

Will you prefer restocking your home with fresh perishable food while discarding the bad ones in your care? Perhaps, you prefer buying your food items in large quantities. The fact is that you may have to opt for cold rooms to save costs. As it stands, perishable goods may have an awkward taste under warm temperatures. Therefore, you can avoid food wastage when you make use of a reliable set. Interestingly, cold rooms fall into this category. On that account, you shouldn’t hesitate to opt for installation soon.

3. Customized formats

Perhaps, your worry is how you are going to fix a cold room in your house. The fact is that cold rooms can come in various customized formats. Fortunately, the length, width, and space will determine the best cold room package that soothes you.

Also, you can regulate the temperature of the freezer rooms. Perhaps, you have some frozen food you want to thaw quickly. Your freezer room can serve this purpose.

4. Effective goods arrangement

You don’t have to mix things up when you make use of a freezer room. The fact is that there is enough space for arranging your perishable goods neatly. This way, you don’t have to stay too long in the freezer room, looking for a hidden item. Instead, you have different sections that help you keep your goods in perfect shape and temperature.

Finally, you don’t have to amass multiple refrigerating sets to store your perishable goods. The fact is that you can embrace a refrigerating scheme that can guarantee the best performance. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in today for more inquiries. After all, you are looking for the best ways to keep your perishable goods fresh.

Major Components That Keep Your Freezer Rooms Running Correctly For Years To Come

Freezer rooms are used on commercial level or big food storage units as it has a very substantial capacity store large stocks of food. Choosing a suitable freezer room for your business is going to play a vital role. It is the most significant type of refrigeration unit that can be used within any business setting or even in external locations.

At Africhill, we put together, so many parts and accessories to keep your freezer rooms running correctly for as long as possible. Using quality equipment plays a significant role in the successful running of freezer rooms and ultimately makes a significant impact on the turnover of the client’s business. We think adding the best components and parts that keeps your freezer rooms running correctly for years to come. Please explore some of the significant elements that play a crucial role in the functioning of freezer rooms.


Freezer room compressors are compact frames that wear well for wide-ranging applications. It adopts with the efficiency of the condenser to influence of heat transfer. With the adoption of the advanced level of technology and equipment, make sure reliable manufacturing compressors are manufactured as per requirement.

Air-cooler condenser:

The air-cooled condenser in the freezer room enhances the efficiency of the blower. Our air condensers have low noise, and it works smoothly for years. The uses of air-cooled condensers are safe and also convenient, and the fans we provide come with high waterproof motors with a long life. We also use high-quality seamless pipe in the condensers unit for its long life, and it won’t destroy easily. The coil out-frame is produced by a high-quality steel plate which has high strength, is corrosion-resistant, and is easy to assemble as well.

Ceiling unit cooler:

The ceiling unit cooler we use in our freezer room uses thin-walled brass, and the punching the second flanging creates highly efficient aluminum fins from the mechanical expanding. They have high efficiency in heat conduction and use an anti-moisture fan, low-temperature resistance, airflow volume, low noise capability, and dependable operation. It uses an exceptional steel tube electric defrosting system, coil tube, which is electrically heated. It uses quality steel panel and sprays technology, and it is corrosion-resistant as well.

Cold air wind curtain:

It is installed at the top of the door. It is used to segregate the air in an out of the freezer room. Hence the loss of cold air can be eliminated. Many users favor it because of its excellent, slick design, reliability, and better price.

Electronic control box:

Electronic control panel boxes can be measured over the level of the liquid, weight, and temperature for numerous objects. They function not only to control the temperature but maintain the utmost safety. Our panel boards can hold 380 V or 220 V external sockets in its electronic distribution box.

Freezer room door:

High-quality materials are used for freezer rooms. The entire framework of the freezer room is made-up of rigid polyurethane foam. The external and internal gates are also made according to customer preferences. It may be painted color steel or an aluminum or galvanized panel, etc. We incorporate quality freezer room gates to maintain a positive temperature level. Our freezer rooms are also known for their sturdy structures, moisture absorption ability, lightweight, excellent insulation properties, and aesthetics.

We are able to supply a range of freezer rooms from small domestic to commercial and industrial units. With access to a freezer room, you will be able to increase both storage and productivity. For more information about the freezer room and its part do call us today!

What Is A Cold Storage Room And Why You Need It For Your Products

Have you ever imagine a world without refrigeration or cold rooms? It would be challenging to live in without refrigeration or cold storage rooms so far as the current living style is concerned. While we think about preserving products, the first solutions that come to our mind is a refrigerating chamber or a cold storage room. So, if you wish to keep your products to have a longer life, this is what you should know:

What is a cold room?

A cold storage room or refrigerating chamber is a warehouse in which the desired temperature level is generated artificially. It is usually designed for storing products in an environment below the outside temperature. Ultimately it will enhance the life of fresh perishable foods such as meats, fish, seafood, meat, flowers, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. It will happen with several days by cooling, and several weeks or months by freezing. The commercialization of cold storage room products also plays a significant role in specific industries that require stringent quality parameters as well. It is also used for storing chemical products at an ideal temperature, and it also slows down the chemical reactions.

How to select the temperature inside a cold storage room?

The internal temperature of the cold storage room depends on the materials or products to be kept inside it. A known application is a cold storage room is that is used for preserving the foodstuff and much more frozen food, which are stored at below zero temperature. Local vegetables and fruits are customarily stored at 0 °C for tropical and subtropical fruits at 5°C to 13 °C. Well-designed cold storage rooms help you achieve the desired temperature irrespective of your need.

How is a cold room designed?

Well planned and well-designed cold rooms are not only located easily but are safely accessible as well. The contractors, engineers, and owners participate in deciding the selection of a cold storage room and its designs! It will ensure safe access and maneuver into the cold room! It will undoubtedly be helpful for its life cycle and energy efficiency. Having a well-designed cold storage room is such a strategic tool for commercial purposes. Rest assured that so many useful practices are present in the design and construction of cold rooms. You will find

• The use of excellent insulated panels with EPS material meant for walls, ceilings of places, and the partitions.

• Rooms with adequate dimensions assist in maneuvering and storing of products faster.

• Cold rooms with the best cooling technology maintain the desired cooling that preserves the products for longer.

• Rooms with an appropriate access system, and easy to control the temperature fluctuation

What are the applications of cold storage rooms?

Regardless of the products they contain, our cold storage rooms are beneficial for:

• The standards required for food products storing warehouses and restaurants is to maintain the appropriate temperature for the stocks kept inside.

• Make the inflow and outflow of stocks easy. It is also easy to place the materials on different points at a later stage.

• It allows increasing the production and marketing that extend the shelf life and enabling the transformation of products.

• Product display is also essential for a more attractive point of sale. To accommodate the situation, we design the cold storage units, which is very common to use the walk-in or reach indoors. It will ultimately allow the final consumer to access products easily.

What to do?

Preserve your products adequately is essential. We guarantee the excellent designing process of cold storage units and ensure to enhance the profits of your company. A good start in designing will genuinely accommodate your needs and maintain the standard temperature require for your products. Contact us today to quote not only the right equipment but a specific and specialized design for your company.

Cold Rooms- Why You Prefer A Reputed Manufacturer For Your Business Need

Can you imagine a world without refrigeration or cold rooms? It would be very challenging to live in a world without many of the things that surround you. Practically without cold rooms, there are non-existent of as many things you need for your survival. Does your business use cold rooms to house the stocks? Are you struggling to get it to run efficiently? At Africhill we offer a wide range of cold room solutions for your specific business need.

When we plan to preserve daily need products, one of the first answers that might come to our mind is a freezing chamber or cold rooms. It helps you keeping your products to have a longer life and remain fresh for consumption. We have a team of qualifies engineers, designers, fabricators, and many more technicians that have over 100 years of experience collectively. With our past performances, reviews, and client’s need, we assess the exact requirement of our clients. Also, we know exactly what it takes to efficiently store your products and stock regardless of the nature of your firm is based in. We can design the most excellent quality cold rooms and services to a whole host of industries, including include fruits, vegetables, and seafood, meat, flowers, and medicine, and big laboratories. It is also used for storing chemical products at an ideal temperature for processing or to slow down chemical reactions.

Common mistakes made in the designing cold room?

The cold room is a strategic tool for much more commercial purposes. We have wonder how common corrupt practices are followed while designing and constructing cold rooms. Most of them that we found are:

• Using non-insulating material or lousy quality walls and ceilings in cold rooms.
• The partitions or panels are lack of polyurethane material or fire resistance.
• Inadequate dimensions, which hinders transporting and product storage.
• Inadequate cooling system or it won’t mean for the product you plan to store.
• Cold rooms without an appropriate access system,
• Cold rooms where it is hard to control the temperature fluctuation

Typically the freezing will slows down the chemical and biological processes in food. It also controls deterioration and loss of quality. We have the best cold rooms in the industry that help in maintain and extend life perishable foods such as meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables and keep it fresh for several weeks or months.

We are your trusted partner. Keeping it in mind, we use the best quality modular panels to construct cold rooms. All those panels we use are insulated, reliable, and highly energy efficient. All are pre-manufactured according to customization. It will lead to shrinking installation time. The tongue and groove, male and female joint technology assures the structural strength and no thermal bridges in your cold rooms. Our designing teams use adequate dimensions to manufacture customized, cold rooms. Ultimately it will prove to be flexible for your project and saves you money on your utility bills.

One must consider a reputed manufacturer who not only design, manufacture, and supply the refrigeration or cold, but provide easy personnel and spare part access. We ensure you have safe access and movement cold room to your space. All our team of engineers and technicians will participate with you for your project. We also help you decide the selection of a cooling system determined by analyzing life cycle cost and energy efficiency and many more things.

The cold rooms or a refrigerating chamber is a small stockyard in which a pre-defined temperature is artificially generated. It is generally intended to stock the products in an environment below the average temperature. Proper design, best insulating material for walls and ceilings, and cooling mechanism in a cold room help you preserve your products adequately for longer. It guarantees an excellent start for your business and enhances the profits of your company. Feel free to get a quote, not only the right cold room but a specific and specialized design for your company.

Why Do You Trust Africhill When You Need A Pre-Assembled Cold Room

Does your business use cold rooms to dwelling your stock? Are you struggling to get your cold room run efficiently? At Africhill, we offer a wide range of solutions that provide the most effective cold rooms necessary for your business storage. We are known to be the leading company that produces expertly designed and engineered cold rooms for your needs irrespective of your business or stock size.

We produce industrial cold rooms that are most effective for large properties with lots of stock. Hence it will boost the efficiency of your business stocks and maintain its quality for longer.  It is wise to have our industrial cold rooms instead of using multiple storage facilities. It will ultimately reduce your loss on the energy bill, stocks, and enhance the organization of your products!

Our modular cold rooms are best used in small commercial businesses houses or transporting the goods. They are built with lightweight insulated panels and can quickly install at your premises. Also, you will get easy control over such a cold room without much expense.

A cold room without a perfect door is always incomplete. If we think about the proper function of a cold place, then it should be accommodated by complete access system. The access system you choose will also depend on the temperature you wish to maintain in your cold room.  Our engineers have the best access solution for your cold room based on the nature of your stocks.  The style of door you choose and the way you need to access the room will be decided as per the quality of your stock and its handling system!  We have the best access solution for both positive and negative temperature cold rooms. For your convenience, we attach sliding doors, service doors, and high-speed doors to the cold rooms. If you need a forklift to handle your store items, then we can customize the access system of your cold room with the use of roller shutters.  It will enable you to get quick access and without hampering the insulation preservation. Rest assured, all our cold room panels are durable and highly energy efficient to save you money on your utility bills.

Our engineering team collectively has over 100 years of experience in the industry. We know precisely what is necessary for an efficient cold room facility for your products and stock regardless of applications and nature of your firm. Don’t worry; we provide every support and services to business or industries of any size. Also, we use modular panels to construct cold rooms and are pre-manufactured according to your need and reducing the installation time as well. Our insulated panels are durable and highly energy-efficient make worry free for longer.

For the efficient running of cold rooms, we have an expert team of highly qualified engineers. We understand that even the smallest repair could result in rapid improvement and efficiency to your cold storage solution. We can quickly fix the problems you have in your cold rooms. We also have a large stock of cold room parts and spares to be used in your cold room space. Our skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable team can answer any queries you have for your cold rooms. If you have cold room issues or looking for cold room solutions, or require any information about our products and services, do not hesitate to call us today.