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The Specialties Of The Cold Storage Room That Need To Be Considered

When you have the requirement to have professional solutions to your refrigeration and insulated structure needs then you must not look any further than Africhill. The cold storage room that you can get from Africhill has some specialties that make it the ideal solution.

Cold storage room

The Specialties Of Our Cold and Freezer Rooms

There are many organizations in South Africa manufacturing cold and Freezer rooms. There are some specialties which make our products stand apart from others.

The experience we have: We are the renowned manufacturer and supplier of top quality refrigeration rooms, cold rooms and freezer rooms’ best suiting client’s refrigeration requirements in Africa. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed a variety of Cold Storage Rooms throughout entire Africa.

The use of modular panels: We use modular panels to construct cold rooms and are pre-manufactured according to the design to reduce installation time. Manufactured from chromadek or Zink-Alum steel on both sides and laminated on expanded fire retardant Polystyrene, with a tongue and groove system to ensure structural strength and no thermal bridges.

Customized size possible: As we use modular panels to construct cold and freezer  rooms so that you can have complete control over the cold room size you require. Manufactured from flat or fluted panels and expanded Polystyrene, our panels are well-tried and tested ensuring no escape of cold.

We offer you customized cold room solutions for your specific needs, assuring you premium quality products, unmatched service, and affordability.

Timely delivery of project: We have our own manufacturing line with a maximum capacity of 3000 square meter panels per day. So, it will not be a case that due to non-availability of panels your project gets delayed. We ensure that your Cold Storage Room will be delivered on or before the time that was decided when you ordered.

Professional installation: We do not think that our responsibility ends just by delivering the cold rooms to you. We also offer service for professional installation of these products.

When dealing with Africhill you can be certain that you will receive the best service and product at an affordable rate.

Custom Made Cold Storage Rooms Meet the Growing Needs of Several Businesses

The cold storage room is such a necessary asset for a number of industries today! The growing consumer demand for chilled and frozen food or pharmaceutical market or warehouse supermarkets etc. continue to challenge the cold storage industry as living standards rise worldwide. Whether you are a food manufacturer, a beverage distributor, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the hospitality industry or in the food service industry, at Africhill we are equipped to offer you a wide variety of solutions tailored to your unique needs. Each of our refrigeration room holds their own uniqueness that meets the requirement of every client.

Finding the correct type of cold storage room is essential. Here is a guide that takes you through some of the most suitable utility of cold storages room for a variety of requirements.

Public organizations

Public organizations such as schools, hospitals, and care homes often have the mammoth task of feeding hundreds of people every day. Many public organizations are working on a budget may not financially viable to buy in fresh produce every single day. Hence it may need Refrigeration Room to keep their freshly made food produce or vegetables or food-related thing refrigerating in the public kitchen for anyone working in a busy or to meet the desired requirement.

Warehouses and supermarkets

Refrigerated room facilitates owners to keep things cold and moving it in and out to meet their customer’s needs. There is a growing consumer demand for natural, fresher foods and efforts are made by distribution warehouses and supermarkets to meet this demand. They have started to offer fresher products and ingredients as options to consumers. The integration of a cold storage room into a supermarket or warehouse creates a simple way to store and move goods before they make their way onto the shelves. Our cold storage room or refrigeration room can be used to freeze, chill and maintain the temperatures no matter the capacity, making them appropriate for all types of foods.

Restaurants, pubs, and caterers

Eating out is well-liked than ever and there is great raise in it. When eating demand becomes more the more will be the responsibility to meet the need. Big hotels, restaurants, catering companies and even pubs are now offering a wider variety of dishes to their customers. Hence it needs to store fresh produce on a long-term basis. We can provide several mobile cold storage Room solutions that are perfect for your business and meet your business need.


Correct temperature control is essential to maintain the quality of the product, its nutritional contents, and control of bacterial growth cold storage room increases the shelf life of most products kept in it. The requirement and demand for high quality, long-life fish products has been increased significantly now a day will make it essential to preserve them. Raw fish has subjected to fastest deterioration than any fresh produce. Cold storage Room can improve its lifespan significantly with quick and effective freezing. Our refrigeration rooms are the most effective cold storage solution for fisheries as they offer fast, low-temperature freezing and have the capability of accommodate even a high quantity.


Africhill provides you with professional solutions to your refrigeration and insulated structure needs and offers a wide range of bespoke refrigeration and commercial freezing units for businesses that need an exclusive cold storage solution. Talk to one of our experts by calling +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or text at today to find out a custom-made cold storage to meet your business needs.

What are the Different Types of Industrial or Commercial Cold Rooms?

Cold rooms are the most popular option and perfect solution when it comes to cold storage of the large stock of food products or any type of perishable items (in an industry, manufacturing plant or commercial facility).  For commercial and industrial purpose there are many types of cold or freezer rooms available. Each cold or freezer room has unique features and specifications to suit every business’s needs and requirement.

Here is a list of different type of cold or freezer rooms for a commercial or industrial purpose:

1.Modular Cold or Freezer Room:

This type of cold or freezer room is commonly used in the food industry. A modular cold or freezer room uses the panels and insulation materials that are safe for the food and other non-edible items. The materials used to build a modular cold or freezer room are very easy to clean and maintain. This type of cold or freezer room is designed to freeze at any temperature range, very easy to install and come in a flat pack format.

2.Combo Cold or Freezer Room:

The combi cold or freezer room has a separate internal temperature zone such as the chiller zone with a range of 2 C to 12 C and freezer zone with a range down to -22 C. This type of cold or freezer room is perfect for storing a wide variety of food products, which require different temperature zones.

3.Walk-In Cold or Freezer Room:

This type of cold or freezer room allows you to walk into the cold room. A walk-in cold or freezer room offers the advantage of larger storage capacity. You can easily store a large stock of food and other items in a walk-in cold room.

4.Industrial Chiller Cold or Freezer Room:

Industrial Chiller Cold or freezer rooms are ideal for storing large quantity, bulky food products, and many other perishable items. In this case, the freezer room proves to be one of the best solutions. In this cold or freezer room, you can not only walk in but also use vehicles like the forklift trucks. This makes it easy to upload the stock and unload it as well in a safe and effective way. This type of cold room or freezer room is perfect for use in the ice factories and other big industries.

If your business needs to buy a durable and custom-built cold storage room, then rely on Africhill. We are one of the world leaders in supplying and manufacturing a wide variety of custom-built cold rooms and freezer rooms. Our entire team is committed to deliver the highest quality service and the best precuts at reasonable prices.

To know more about our durable cold rooms, please browse through this url:!

Cold Rooms – An Industrial Revolution But Choosing one is Important

Various industries and plants in all over the world use the cold rooms to store large quantities of perishable materials and products like meat, food, vegetables, fish, medicines, and chemicals. Based on the size and use, the cold room is classified as walk-in cold rooms and warehouse cold stores. The cold storage room is widely used in many industrial set-ups like warehouses, food processing units, hospitality sector, floriculture, restaurants, dairy, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

We must know why cold rooms can be a good commercial enhancer:

You must know that energy-efficient cold rooms are never made from Brick and Mortar; It needs to be Modular, sealed, maintain constant temperature, have space and racks to store and easy movement; Well here is what you must look for while bringing in a Cold room for your commercial usage –

  • Modular Cold rooms are easy to install as you get flexible size panels to build the room as per your choice
  • Room dimension must guide you to define the internal architecture which can withstand the outside weather or wind
  • Strong Insulation, temperature and humidity control mechanism is achieved by the nature of temperature management systems used on the room
  • Room should made for multipurpose storage, foldable shelving system, and easy movement of goods
  • You can plan to add more gadgets like camera, sensors, fire alarms and sprinklers, automatic Doors, view port latch etc. good temperature control
  • Off course Good Ventilation increase the lifetime of the entire cooling system and cold room
  • Maximum protection to the food store inside

While you are planning for your new Cod room, definitely look at a Cold Room Builder who provides you the interior & exterior designs of the room, the right estimates about the Materials to be used in constructing the cold room, the insulation panels, the outer fabricated sheets, condensing units and Blower Coils.

Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms and Cooler Room be what you name, a professional cold room builder would deliver you all the insulated panels. Vapor sealants; galvanize plates, insulators, polyurethane glue, sliding doors, hinge doors, condensers, right to the construction area. An experienced professional cold room builder also has prefab cold rooms which can be fabricated and installed as per a custom requirement;

You must see that the condenser, the compressor and other electrical parts are made fom good quality in a cold room. If you are crazy about small sized cold rooms, you can just go for prefab DYI Cold Room Kit which gives you complete instruction of plug and play Cold room.

If you want to buy a customized a cold room in Africa or any other country, then make sure to rely on the world’s leading manufacturer- Africhill. Based in South Africa, we are the specialists in manufacturing and supplying high-performance modern cold storage rooms, freezers and many other refrigeration solutions to businesses and industries in all over the world.

What Are The Qualities Of A Modern Cold Storage Room?

In the 21st century, significant developments have been made in refrigeration technologies that are used in cold storage rooms in order to make sure foods like fruits, meats, vegetables and marine items can be kept fresh for long specially the cold storage rooms is accepted standard of commercial use. In this post we will throw a look at what a modern cold storage room should offer to the end users:

Expedient controllable operation:

Relying on the product that requires to be kept, it is absolutely essential for modern cold rooms to be able to sustain the most favorable temperature and environment. From the standpoint of the operating staff, a cold room must be simple to operate & control. Therefore, a business must ideally look for a cold room that features an advanced control panel & observation facilities. A control panel that possesses a big display & easy controlling features brings an excellent level of comfort in terms of operation.

Save energy:

An advanced cold storage room furnished with high-quality sensors can find out when the products inside a room are at the most favorable temperature. Mechanically transmitting this info to the panel when the doors are closed and opened enables the temperature inside to be kept at a suitable level, saving energy.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Improved technologies have been leading to ever more complicated refrigeration innovations being executed, and some let real-time screening of temperature & other cues essential to competent operation. With the help of this advanced technology, sensors evaluate the temperature inside cooling chamber & respond by tuning the temperature as needed.

Preventing defects:

The majority of the cold rooms are furnished with mounting touch sensors & warning signals that trigger when significant issues are detected inside the room. This technology aids to detect & prevent potential defects as the appropriate info can be accumulated & transmitted to the technicians who’re intent on enhancing the overall design & function of the cold rooms.

Alarm Notifications:

Cold rooms with patented control method provide accurate temperature control & are consistently dependable when left in tough conditions. Sophisticated systems let remote control from a computer & impose alarm notifications as soon as this device malfunctions.

Organizations are at the forefront of technology and design associated with cold storage & offering efficient control systems to an extensive range of industries needing refrigeration to be at the utmost standard.

To buy your next cold storage room contact Africhill – Africa’s leading manufacturer of cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers. We are capable of handling any scale of projects with our fast insulating panel manufacturing line. Feel free to email us your queries at

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