Condensing Units

When To Contact Africhill To Change Or Repair Condensing Units

While deciding to change condensing units rather than fixing them very well may be an irritating one. We at Africhill have rules set up to help proprietors with making such a decision to some degree less problematic.

Causes of failure of condensing unit 

Various things can cause an external condensing unit to stop working. The most broadly perceived are the failure of compressor and coil.

Compressor failure is, by far, the most unreasonable portion to fix. The compressor is the engine or heart of the system. The certified cost of replacing a compressor and installing work will consistently outperform the price of a new condensing unit. This remains consistent in most residential units.

The absence of preventive maintenance is routinely the crucial justification condenser unit fails, as we as specialists have seen during our work tenure. However, having proper care can be a modest technique to prolong unit life and help save money as there will be less chance of replacing the condensing unit.

We usually notice failures because of the absence of maintenance, and dirty condenser coils have all the earmarks of being a tremendous ally of failures. Failures can run from as catastrophic as a condenser to have a non-functional capacitor, and the capacitor is a regular fix. On the other hand, compressor replacement is the most exorbitant, especially if the unit is an R-22 system.

Deciding the time of death 

While deciding if a unit is barely holding on, we as specialists agree that run time and working conditions are the main factors to consider.

Age, electrical issues, and utilization — especially in a saltwater area — all influence the unit’s existence. If one of these parts is out of the guarantee period, it is rational to contemplate replacing the entire unit.

For more aged units experiencing compressor failures, we, as specialists, feel there is no reason to fix it. Instead, it is better to change the unit is a wiser decision. Along these lines, notwithstanding the way that you have an excessively costly compressor, yet you have other problems you cannot analyze until you change the compressor.

The critical choice 

When the cost of a fix is more than 40% of the price of a new unit or the unit is more than ten years old, by then, it very well might be an excellent thought to research the option of replacement.

Changing advancement may be the focal factor for equipment ten years old or more aged since the saving on energy, possible refunds, and the assurance of another system can be progressively applicable. A couple of customers generally need to avoid an emergency, which is one strategy for doing such.

The changing business sector 

During the Great Recession, various property owners put off the decision to change equipment and chose instead to fix it. However, that is starting to change overall, as property owners decide to replace considerably more consistently and move to higher-efficiency equipment with more options.

To have the best condensing units, it is astute to depend on us at Africhill. We have the experience and information to customize our units as per your particular prerequisites.

Key Function Of Condensing Units In Freezing Units Or Cold Rooms

Most commercial entities are suffering some of the hottest weather in summer! Hence, a well-functioning freezer room or cold rooms are the absolute necessity to combat the heat and high humidity. It is also essential to keep the stock fresh for longer. Most modern freezer room or cold rooms units have a lifespan of decades. Still, even the well-maintained freezer rooms may sometimes fail to provide enough cold air to keep the interior of the cold storage and hamper the stocked items to remain fresh.

All the freezer rooms or cold rooms rely on several components to run effectively and maintain the prescribed temperature inside. The condensing units are considered as the most significant components among them. The condensing unit accomplishes several different tasks as it runs. The more you know about the condensing units in your freezer rooms or cold storage system, the faster you will know the potential problems. If the freezer room or cold rooms are releasing, then it is not at all welcoming. But always it may not indicate any serious problem. Do you want to know a few things about the components inside the freezer rooms or cold storage rooms? Read on the critical jobs performed by condensing units in such freezer rooms.

The condenser coil is one of the prime components in your freezer room or cold rooms system with a useful function to remove the heat from outdoors. Specks of dirt or blocked condensers are one of the most frequent service problems in commercial refrigeration today. If the condenser coil rejects less heat can be rejected to the surrounding air, the temperature will start to accumulate in the condenser and make it difficult to reject the heat from the condenser as well. The accumulation of heat in the condenser will make the condensing temperature go high.

Sometimes you come across the condensing unit that has started to become overrun by dust, dirt, and debris. You may also see drier lint wastage things stuck to the coil as well. Any small or large pieces of such thing escaping the vent to get sucked into the condenser coil. It will partially block the condenser’s air flow, which causes high condenser pressures and inefficiencies.

Refrigerants are chemical compounds and fully saturated liquid that alternately compressed and condensed into a liquid. It will then permitted to expand into a vapor or gas as they are pumped through mechanical refrigeration. Refrigerants also evaporate or boil at much lower temperatures than water. It allows them to extract the heat at a more rapid rate than the water. Refrigerants can vary, and it is based on the freezing equipment such as low-temperature freezer, or industrial chiller, or commercial cooling equipment.

One of the most common causes of the commercial freezing system for blowing warm air is a lack of refrigerant or in the proper flow of refrigerant. This can also cause ice to build upon your evaporator coil and stops the cycle. If the thing continues, then the freezer room temperature may not behave properly and give the ice on your evaporator coil a chance to melt. Hence, low refrigerant can lead to a cycle of warm air and icing on your evaporator coil. As the system ages, however, wear and tear will make it harder and harder time cooling the refrigerant to this level.

Condensing units located on the proper side help you save from many issues. For instance, if it is kept in the shaded area of a building may result in maintaining the condensing pressures down. Every condensing unit has fans that discharge air from their sides. So keep in mind not to face the fans directly into the prevailing wind direction. Rather, it will hinder the airflow out of the condensing unit on windy days.

Commercial refrigeration solutions for medium to large capacity applications need a sturdy condensing unit. It should work as an assembly of the refrigeration system, and it comprises components like fan motor, controls, compressor, condenser, and finds use as a heat exchanger for cooling down and condensate incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid. The presence of our superior functioning fan allows blowing outside air through the heat exchanger for cooling refrigerant inside. Some of our freezer rooms are available in different designs and sizes. Also, our products are backed by extensive research-based design and developments.

Remember, regular maintenance is by far the best way to prevent any of the above problems from happening to your freezer rooms or cold rooms. For more information about our condensing units or its repair or installation call at +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today! We ensure your commercial cold rooms are getting the upkeep it needs!

Condensing Units: Making Desirable Temperature Available

Have you been servicing your refrigerator units very often? Perhaps, the outcome of each service has been less impressive. You don’t have to worry anymore. All you have to do is to get new condensing units. This way, you can make room for larger storage capacity for perishable items. After all, you don’t have to keep repairing a defaulting refrigerating set when you can opt for freezer rooms.

Are your cold rooms giving you all sorts of problems? How often do you keep calling a technician to examine it? You can put these frustrating situations behind when you opt for a quality condensing units replacement. Fortunately, getting a standard condenser can make better preservative process than a refrigerator. On this note, here are some of the beneficial highlights of using quality condenser.

  1. Efficient heat distribution

Some old version of condensers can make your space a difficult place to enjoy the fresh air. The fact is that you can feel the heat blowing directly on your skin. Perhaps, you live in an apartment with a slightly choked surrounding. Getting a new condenser can make the air in the atmosphere pleasing. After all, the latest version of condensers has its fans facing the sky. This way, you don’t have to suffer heat exhaustion, even in your space.

  1. Genuine parts

Your freezer rooms may not work properly if you don’t make use of genuine equipment to support its functionality. Unfortunately, some condensers can force you to incur expensive utility bills. At this point, you keep paying more for inefficiency. However, opting for condensers with genuine parts can assist you in utilizing electricity efficiently. The fact is that condensers with genuine parts hardly need repair, right after your first purchase.

  1. Digital enhancement

At the point in which voltage becomes unstable, there is a high chance of having a faulty compressor. Unfortunately, the old version of condensers does not have digital imprints for supporting programming. Therefore, you are always repairing the compressor whenever it breaks down. However, the new version of condensers can automatically regulate the activities of your compressors, irrespective of voltage stability.

Finally, making the right product choice can guarantee sustaining room temperature for your goods. On this account, switching to condensing units with genuine parts can save cost on regular maintenance. Perhaps, you run a restaurant and your clients have been issuing complaints about the stale taste of your meals. It’s high time you put aside your refrigerators to make room for large storage condensers. Therefore, getting a new condenser with a modern design can make all the difference for your business. On this note, you can make a call today, placing your orders.

Freezer Rooms – Ideal For All Kinds Of Food Sectors

Cold storage solutions are affordable, effortless to use, and cater a wide array of industries, so perfect if you’ve any kind of produce you wish to keep fresh. With solutions to fit all sectors, we’ve cold or freezer rooms that support a broad variety of businesses. If you’ve ever speculated what kinds of industries employ cold stores for the safe & effective storage of produce, we’ve listed some of the most common sectors here in this post.

Commercial bakers:

Temperature regulated settings are ideal for the storage of baked stuffs, which help to keep goods fresher for longer & make sure they can be kept in the perfect state for longer period of time before distribution to restaurants, retail outlets and other customers.


Cold storage containers are competent of keeping milk & cheese at most favorable temperatures, helping to store goods that are known for their brief shelf life much longer, and prolonging their overall lifetime. Different sized freezer rooms are accessible & they can be customized to the client requirements, allowing you to keep as many dairy items as you’d like to.


Freshly caught fish has a pretty short lifetime so it is essential they’re frozen as fast as feasible to preserve the life of the stock. Stored properly, the fish can last for several days, and still be as appetizing & fresh as the day they were caught.

Fruit & vegetables:

Products that are likely to perish quickly such as vegetables and fruits can be stored safely then shipped to consumers in ideal condition, in spite of the time of year. Credits to cold rooms and freezer rooms, this kind of produce can be kept for longer time & taste as good as the day it was picked.


Keep poultry & meat in the most favorable state employing commercial store solutions and this helps to lessen waste whilst offering you a greater ROI. Meat can be frozen & preserved for long periods of time & you can put freezer rooms and cold stores outsides your business to free up space.

For top quality Freezer Rooms look no further than Africhill. We are experts in designing, manufacturing and installations of all cold and freezer rooms and blast freezer rooms. We use modular panels to construct cold rooms so that you can have complete control over the cold room size you require.

The Specialties Of The Cold Storage Room That Need To Be Considered

When you have the requirement to have professional solutions to your refrigeration and insulated structure needs then you must not look any further than Africhill. The cold storage room that you can get from Africhill has some specialties that make it the ideal solution.

Cold storage room

The Specialties Of Our Cold and Freezer Rooms

There are many organizations in South Africa manufacturing cold and Freezer rooms. There are some specialties which make our products stand apart from others.

The experience we have: We are the renowned manufacturer and supplier of top quality refrigeration rooms, cold rooms and freezer rooms’ best suiting client’s refrigeration requirements in Africa. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed a variety of Cold Storage Rooms throughout entire Africa.

The use of modular panels: We use modular panels to construct cold rooms and are pre-manufactured according to the design to reduce installation time. Manufactured from chromadek or Zink-Alum steel on both sides and laminated on expanded fire retardant Polystyrene, with a tongue and groove system to ensure structural strength and no thermal bridges.

Customized size possible: As we use modular panels to construct cold and freezer  rooms so that you can have complete control over the cold room size you require. Manufactured from flat or fluted panels and expanded Polystyrene, our panels are well-tried and tested ensuring no escape of cold.

We offer you customized cold room solutions for your specific needs, assuring you premium quality products, unmatched service, and affordability.

Timely delivery of project: We have our own manufacturing line with a maximum capacity of 3000 square meter panels per day. So, it will not be a case that due to non-availability of panels your project gets delayed. We ensure that your Cold Storage Room will be delivered on or before the time that was decided when you ordered.

Professional installation: We do not think that our responsibility ends just by delivering the cold rooms to you. We also offer service for professional installation of these products.

When dealing with Africhill you can be certain that you will receive the best service and product at an affordable rate.