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Vital Things To Keep In Mind Before Going To Purchase Best Freezer Rooms For Your Restaurant Business

If you are in food business, there is no need to make you understand the necessity of the commercial refrigeration. You must have to follow the guidelines drawn by food safety and health department authorities. Eatery owners and caterers need to make sure that, they have the best cold storage facilities and appliances that can help them adhere to required food temperatures both hot and cold to avoid food related health risks. On the other hand, if someone won’t follow such guidelines, it will cost several sanctions from the authorities. In order to avoid all these threats, freezer room will be best to go for.

From small coolers to gigantic walk-in freezers, there are a number of commercial refrigeration units available those will meet your need. Advance freezer rooms are also another answer to the food related issues. Initially, you have to invest big amount of money but later you’ll get back in many folds. According many caterers, these frozen rooms are the biggest assistance for their business because, they are able to cater best service and the freshest, delicious food to the customers. In this way, the reputation goes skyrocketing.

Cold Storage Room


Cool rooms or freezer rooms are known as freestanding units that provide cold storage to commercial kitchen and commercial dining establishments to make sure that they serve fresh food and are also able to store perishable food items for safe preparation and service. You can purchase different type of frozen rooms according to your need. We at Africhill, provide high-end cooled rooms those will truly make your business flawless. Out technicians have long period of experience to construct, manage and repair the frozen rooms across Africa. Therefore, we can assure that, we’ll assist you to make your food business easier. However, here is some vital information you should know before going to purchase the best cool rooms for your business.

Vital things to keep in mind before going to purchase cool rooms

There is no way to compromise with the quality and functionality of the frozen rooms. If they get malfunctioned, as an eatery owner, you’ll loss huge amount of bucks. Your spicy food items will get lost.

Freezer room manufacturers & suppliers

• Proper ventilation with drainage

Ventilation and drainage system matter a lot for smooth functioning of the cool rooms. Make sure that, the place you have chosen to establish your frozen room, it is not get disturbed with open air. Sometimes, the outside air plays a vital role to increase the temperature. Therefore, while establishing, make sure you have chosen the right place for it. Drainage system is also vital to flush away the used water. It is true that, there is high amount of water get released from the cold rooms due to condensation. Therefore, it is important to release them out.

• Operation and size

Apart from that, your restaurant concept, scope or operations and size are the biggest factors that will influence your purchase or the best freezer rooms. If you don’t have much space then a walk-in freezer may not best for you but if you store a lot of frozen food and serve pub grub like fries and chicken wings, then these large storage spaces be best for your business.

• Food delivery schedule

Food delivery schedule is also another vital factor while choosing cold rooms for your need. If your restaurant or catering business receives daily orders, you don’t need to store more refrigeration. One the other hand, if you have to cater your prepared food one twice in a week, you need bigger frozen rooms.

Purchase Best Freezer Rooms

We are enjoying a top place among freezer room manufacturers & suppliers along with huge reputation. Using our experience, we will provide you the best frozen room that can meet your commercial needs.

The Specialties Of The Cold Storage Room That Need To Be Considered

When you have the requirement to have professional solutions to your refrigeration and insulated structure needs then you must not look any further than Africhill. The cold storage room that you can get from Africhill has some specialties that make it the ideal solution.

Cold storage room

The Specialties Of Our Cold and Freezer Rooms

There are many organizations in South Africa manufacturing cold and Freezer rooms. There are some specialties which make our products stand apart from others.

The experience we have: We are the renowned manufacturer and supplier of top quality refrigeration rooms, cold rooms and freezer rooms’ best suiting client’s refrigeration requirements in Africa. Over the years, we have manufactured and installed a variety of Cold Storage Rooms throughout entire Africa.

The use of modular panels: We use modular panels to construct cold rooms and are pre-manufactured according to the design to reduce installation time. Manufactured from chromadek or Zink-Alum steel on both sides and laminated on expanded fire retardant Polystyrene, with a tongue and groove system to ensure structural strength and no thermal bridges.

Customized size possible: As we use modular panels to construct cold and freezer  rooms so that you can have complete control over the cold room size you require. Manufactured from flat or fluted panels and expanded Polystyrene, our panels are well-tried and tested ensuring no escape of cold.

We offer you customized cold room solutions for your specific needs, assuring you premium quality products, unmatched service, and affordability.

Timely delivery of project: We have our own manufacturing line with a maximum capacity of 3000 square meter panels per day. So, it will not be a case that due to non-availability of panels your project gets delayed. We ensure that your Cold Storage Room will be delivered on or before the time that was decided when you ordered.

Professional installation: We do not think that our responsibility ends just by delivering the cold rooms to you. We also offer service for professional installation of these products.

When dealing with Africhill you can be certain that you will receive the best service and product at an affordable rate.

Take a Great Advantage of Refrigeration Room for Your Business

Does your business require – your goods or products are kept in a cool or temperature-controlled environment? You should look out for a good quality refrigeration room to prevent your products from deterioration.

There are huge arrays of options for you to choose from, walk-in freezer rooms and cold storage facilities are a few options. Read on to know more about the commercial refrigeration room:

1. It has multiple functions for a huge range of uses.

Refrigeration rooms are completely temperature adjustable and can be utilized for a huge range of different functions. Just you need to adjust the temperature settings as per your convenience. In addition to, you can maintain a constant air temperature to prevent product deterioration or use the refrigeration unit for dehumidifying.

Though the refrigeration room is tightly sealed and a constant temperature is maintained, it is a great way to protect your products and goods from extreme weather conditions.

2. It offers adjustable temperature control.

Through the easy temperature control function, you can adjust your cold storage room effortlessly. The refrigeration rooms are sealed, insulated, and monitored effortlessly so that you can rely on it to maintain the temperature setting of your choice, no matter whatever the outside temperature it is.

With the temperature control, it’s really easy to change the setting. All you need is to set the temperature of your choice and you can leave the refrigeration room to handle the rest.

3. It is available in different sizes and settings.

Your products or goods may require a specific storage solution according to their shape, size, or temperature requirement. Fortunately, the temperature controlled refrigeration rooms are completely customizable; so you can make the necessary changes to keep your specific products or goods.

Simply let your professional company know what you require and they can adjust your refrigeration rooms as required.

Choose an Africhill Refrigeration Room for Your Business –

Africhill is a premier name in the industrial cold storage and refrigeration industry. With extensive years of experience and excellence, we have been offering refrigeration rooms and cold storage solutions to customers throughout South Africa.

Our company supplies and manufactures top quality cold rooms, freezer rooms, insulated panels, condensing units, and blower coils throughout the African region. We greatly value our clients and make sure that you receive the best products and services every time at reasonable prices. Contact us right now to receive an online quotation for refrigeration room!

For more information, please visit our website at

5 FAQs to Ask Industrial Freezer Room Manufacturers

A freezer or cold room is a popular option especially for the cold storage of a large stock of food products. It can store large quantities of food at optimal temperatures for the long time period.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing between cold rooms manufacturers, it’s an important decision you make. After all, the cold room you require will be with you for almost a decade.

Many businesses consider the price and size of the freezer room only, but you need to get answers to these FAQs related to your cold room manufacturers to make a perfect choice:

The Frequently Asked Questions to Ask from Freezer Room Manufacturers

#1 –Do they manufacture cold rooms on a large scale?

Certainly, manufacturing freezer rooms on a large scale can give you a better estimate. So, always search for the manufacturers that are big enough to have their large-scale manufacturing units.

#2 – Do they modular design?

While searching for freezer rooms, just check out whether the manufacturer uses mostly modular designs as it can help you cut down costs. A comprehensive range of easily customized standard modular options will give you a better chance of getting a tailor-made solution best suits your needs and preferences.

#3 – Do they comply with safety standard?

The most important aspect is to keep your business compliant with food safety standards. You need to make sure that workers inside the cold room won’t be trapped inside accidentally.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you should consider safety compliance features like monitoring, recording, and user safety as your top priority.

#4 – Do they focus on user-friendliness?

You have to ensure that your manufacturer must focus on how the room will be used daily conveniently and safely. It’s suggested to go for a good quality shelving design that assures smooth stocking and cleaning.

Don’t forget to look for easy-to-use control panels and monitor systems that allow you to see that everything is running perfectly and temperatures are being maintained correctly.

#5 – Do they provide a warranty on their products?

It’s a patent fact that any food retail or catering business relies on cold room and other equipment to keep operating daily. In contrast, if you find your cold room non-functional, eventually it means shutting down the business and loss of income.

So, it’s important that you’ve chosen the solution, that’s supported by a genuine warranty and support. Always count on the manufacturers who provide minimum 2-years warranty and have a diverse array of engineers in place with advanced knowledge of supplier’s products.

Conclusion –

Looking for expertly-engineered freezer rooms? It’s time to invest in top-quality cold rooms at Africhill – the premier name in designing, manufacturing, and installing all kinds of cold rooms and blast freezer rooms in Africa.

With extensive years of experience and excellence, Africhill has served a wide range of clients seeking for a diverse variety of applications throughout entire Africa. You should buy perfectly-engineered freezer room from Africhill today and rest assured that it won’t cost you a fortune.

How Do You Maintain Commercial Freezer & Cooler?

More often you are not that much concerned about your commercial freezer and cooler. But they play a key role in your business success. But emergency repairs can be expensive.

However, certain malfunctions can be reduced or prevented with regular maintenance. So, active walk-in freezer and cooler maintenance schedule can ensure prolonged operation of your commercial refrigeration unit.

But, how do you maintain your commercial refrigeration system? Is there any quick guide to follow regularly? Of course, likewise every refrigeration unit, you should maintain the commercial freezer and cooler in order to let them keep up and running all the time.

After all, prevention is better than cure. Instead of ending up yourself in costly fixes, you should follow a maintenance routine carefully.

  1. You Should Keep the Freezer or Cooler Clean and Tidy.

 Cleaning is the perfect way to keep your walk-in freezer or cooler well-maintained. You can use soap and water for cleaning. Using cleaning products can impact the functionality of the refrigeration system due to the presence of harsh chemicals.

You can mop or sweep the floors surrounding the refrigeration system in order to keep it free from debris. In addition to, clean up spills right away to prevent any dangerous consequences.

  1. You Should Clean Evaporator Fan Coils and Blades.

To keep your commercial refrigeration system running fine, you need to schedule a cleaning of evaporator fan coils and blades quarterly. You should check for the damage as well and replace them as required.

  1. You Should Check the Door Seals and Hinges.

Hinges and door seals are required to be lubricated quarterly to make sure they operate properly. You shouldn’t leave the door open for long and ensure that it’s always closed.

  1. Don’t Forget about Condensing Units.

While maintaining commercial refrigeration systems, inspection of condensing units regularly is a must. You need to keep the surrounding areas of evaporators and condensing units clean for a proper airflow. Don’t let the trash or other debris particles accumulate around the walk-in freezer or cooler.

  1. You Should Keep an Eye on Temperature.

Check whether the temperature of your walk-in fluctuates often. Fluctuations are the common indications that something is not working perfectly. Cooler controls the whole system; so you should contact a technician to diagnose the problems if there’s any.

For instance, if you find a fault in the strobe light, it will flash to warn you of the potential problems.

Conclusion –

Perfectly maintained walk-in coolers and freezers can function well for years to come. They operate efficiently than those are not maintained – which in turn ensures saving you money in the long run.

Moreover, commercial refrigeration is something very important for any successful business operations. Though refrigeration is more often forgotten about, it’s wise to schedule a maintenance program regularly in order to keep your business running without any hassle.

For a better overview of commercial Freezer systems or just the condensing units, you should browse our website at Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and options.

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