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A Guide to Buying Perfect Freezer Rooms for Your Business!

Unmatched cooling performance for effective storage! Africhill is a leading manufacturer of expertly-engineered freezer rooms, cold rooms, and top quality refrigeration rooms best suiting clients’ refrigeration applications and requirements in Africa. We have manufactured and installed a variety of freezer rooms throughout Africa for a wide variety of applications.

We offer prefabricated cold storage room construction and large cold storage catering to food processing, food retail, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, warehouses, dairy and ice cream industry, meat, chicken and fish processing industry, and various other segments.

Being the top modular cold room manufacturers in Africa, we offer the best solutions for modular cold room panels, large cold warehouses, walk in freezer rooms with insulated panels that make them energy efficient and save you money on your utility bills.

The freezer room is manufactured from flat or fluted panels and expanded Polystyrene and well-tried and tested ensuring no cold escape. If you need a pre-assembled cold room or a DIY cold room kit, look no further than Africhill cold rooms.

We can also offer you customized freezer room solutions for your specific needs, assuring you unmatched service, premium quality products, and affordability.

What To Consider When Selecting Cold Room Storage?

When you are looking for freezer room storage space, you are likely to have a specific need for the cold storage unit. There are a few things that you need to look out for to make sure that you choose the right cold storage space that is perfect for your company, or you run the risk of cold storage not being adequate, leading to the loss of a significant amount of stock.

Purpose of the cold room

For what purpose do you wish to buy a freezer room? D you need a commercial cold room for the hospitality industry needs or a laboratory cold room for pharmaceutical requirements?

Industrial freezer rooms not only safeguard farm produce, seafood, pharmaceuticals, and other agricultural supplies, they can also preserve operational IT servers and equipment whose lifespan can get affected adversely by the heat they generate.

Food processing, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, manufacturing industry, hospitality, and supermarkets find wide applications of freezer rooms that are durable, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-use.

The capacity of the cold storage

Your operational prerequisite should determine this aspect. The size of the cold storage should exceed the bulk of stock you wish to preserve. it should have ample space for shelves, racks, airflow, aisle space to roll bulk of food items in and out, etc.

The gap between the wall, ceiling, and volume of the products – all these aspects need attention. Cold rooms manufacturing companies recommend installing larger cold rooms than installing several smaller cold storage to provide the equivalent chilling facility.

Buy perfectly-engineered freezer rooms at Africhill and rest assured that they won’t break your bank.

Freezer Rooms from Africhill

The freezer room is made to preserve food for a longer period of time at subzero degrees. Hence, it has to be of superior quality so that foods can be stored inside it without being rotten or damaged. 

Africhill manufactures and supplies top-quality freezer rooms to the market. In Africa, we are a very reliable option to opt for when buying freezer rooms, refrigeration, etc. So if you are going to buy freezer rooms then look no further except Africhill.

The products of Africhill are unmatched. The quality we serve is totally commendable. From the start of our journey to the present time, we have satisfied clients with us who were truly satisfied with our quality of products.

Freezer Rooms from Africhill: The freezer room stores foods at subzero degrees for a long time, retaining the quality of stored items. The rooms are created using modular panels. This is done with the objective of controlling the size of the room. The panels are tried and tested hence there won’t be an escape from cold. The best part is that panels are energy-efficient.

We will deliver you a freezer room based on your requirements. You can have a pre-assembled room or a DIY one based on your requirements. You can even shop for Africhill cold rooms. This room has insulated panels combined with Tongue and Groove.

Our freezer room solutions are customizable so you can have the one that suits your needs.

Africhill assures you the best quality products at the best price.

So, be assured of premium quality freezer rooms to store items.

Our Products: 

  • Freezer Rooms 
  • Colds Rooms
  • Refrigeration Rooms
  • Glass Rooms
  • Mortuaries 
  • Insulated Panels 
  • Solar-powered Containerized cold and freezer rooms
  • Condensing Units & Blower Coils

All of our products are absolute of high-quality.

Africhill is expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing cold rooms, freezer rooms, etc. We are in this field for years and years. Now, we are a leading manufacturer and installer of such rooms. Our team is professional and skilled to install the rooms perfectly.

Our freezer rooms will help in storing fruits, vegetables, etc. The rooms will prolong the life of stored items. Be assured that our amazing quality freezer rooms will store your food items without spoiling them.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us. We will be answering your queries regarding the products we manufacture and supply. Africhill is ever ready to assist you.

Before delivering your product it is tested and tried. Our freezer rooms are strong, durable, energy-efficient, and well-performing. 

Africhill has been serving freezer rooms for years and has become well aware of the requirements of the market. Therefore, we are considered to be the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of freezer rooms, cold storage rooms, refrigeration rooms, insulated panels, etc.  When you have chosen Africhill, be assured of first-class service.

We deliver the highest quality of products at very reasonable prices. 

Contact us for more details. Let us know your queries if any, we will respond immediately. 

Visit Africhill soon and get the best quality freezer room at affordable rates.

Features of Customized Freezer Room that Makes it Beneficial for Businesses

Freezer rooms are an inevitable part of large food businesses. These units are used for storing large bulks of food products safely. The freezer rooms are ideal for storing large stocks of food products as they can have an exceptional temperature range. A freezer room can store food products of different kinds. If you want to incorporate a freezer room into your warehouse or business, you can buy one or get it custom-designed as per your requirements.

Getting customized freezer rooms to offer numerous benefits. You can get a room that is perfect for your needs and you can install additional features that are essential for your need. It will not only help you save money as well an efficient option.

We at Africhill design customized freezer room that offers numerous benefits that include the following:

  • There are no standard dimensions for designing a customized freezer. You can choose the dimensions that are suitable for your business requirements. The dimensions are not only decided on the capacity of that you require but also the available space.
  • You can also choose the floor of your choice. If you want you can get the floor insulated as well. Insulated walls and floors enhance the efficiency of the freezer room, that is why we recommend proper insulation. Also, the insulated walls and floor help you save a lot of energy which further helps in saving your thousands of bucks. We can customize your freezer rooms according to your specific preferences and needs. We also allow you to choose the design as per your requirement and taste.
  • The customized freezer rooms can be assembled and dismounted easily.  Also, these units are easy to resettle.
  • The customized design of the freezer room allows you to get the perfect construction as per your requirements and it ensures the durability of the rooms.
  • With customized freezer rooms you can make it energy efficient with the help of customized PU panels.
  • The customized designs can also utilize the space well.
  • Customized freezer rooms can help you get a balanced refrigeration system.
  • You can choose the thickness of the panel as per your business requirement.
  • The doors of freezer rooms can also be chosen as per your personal taste and requirements. You can choose from different door options ranging from solid hinged doors, sliding doors, glass doors to electronically operated doors and more.
  • The best part about customized freezer rooms is that you can have separated temperature zones that can help you in choosing the different varieties of food products. 
  • You can also choose the dimensions of the door thresholds according to your individual needs. From considering the method of loading the products to choosing the right size of the door thresholds everything can be chosen as per your preference.
  • Moreover, a customized freezer room helps you get a room equipped with a whole lot of features that are good and will help you in your business.

We at Africhill can customize freezer rooms for your business as per your requirements and preferences. Contact us for more information.

What Should You Know About Commercial Refrigeration?

Have you heard about commercial refrigeration systems like freezer rooms, walk-in-freezers, and refrigerated warehouses? Commercial refrigeration systems are used to keep food and beverages at proper consumption temperatures. A top quality refrigeration unit is an essential part of every food business. 

The refrigeration system preserves ingredients at ideal storage conditions.  Proper refrigeration prevents waste, ensures quality, and protects taste. It is impossible to run a successful food business without an efficient refrigeration system. 

Importance of Commercial Refrigeration:

Refrigeration is necessary for the preservation, storage, transportation, and distribution of frozen food-grade materials. Commercial refrigeration controls and avoids decomposition and contamination. It plays an essential; role in food safety and food hygiene. In this age, refrigeration is widely applicable and implemented in the food supply chain for processing, packaging, storage, distribution, and waste management of perishable products. 

You will find the presence of refrigeration systems like freezer room, walk-in-freezer, blast freezer, and other refrigeration units in the food storage, cold chain, supply & distribution, and warehousing industry. Refrigeration is important to extend the food products shelf-life and reduce the risk of foodborne Illnesses & diseases. Commercial refrigeration is a prevention methodology used by businesses to avoid loss and wastage of various food items. It ensures freshness and quality to the food products. 

Things to Know about Commercial Refrigeration:

You should always consider a refrigeration system that saves money, reduces food waste, and proves to be energy efficient. Finding the right-sized refrigeration system offers the best solution for your needs. 

Space and Size:

The size and space should be kept in mind when you want to install a commercial refrigeration unit. You must measure the space required for installation with accuracy and precision before investing your money in a commercial refrigeration system like a freezer room or walk-in-freezer. Your measurements must include the room’s inventory also. The perfect measurement of space and size are essential factors that make your investment in installing a refrigeration unit worth it. 


The different refrigeration unit has its temperature set up that you must consider. As per your business requirement, you need to keep in mind the variable temperature settings and choose the right unit. It is essential for you to be aware of the standard and recommended guidelines, as well as about the refrigeration unit’s temperature settings. Temperature plays a vital role in keeping your food bacteria-free and well-preserved. 


A refrigeration unit requires proper and efficient ventilation. It helps in increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration unit to a great extent. Good ventilation keeps away the risk of overheating and increases the lifespan of the refrigeration unit. 


You should never ignore the maintenance of your refrigeration unit. Whether it is a walk-in-freezer or freezer room, make sure to clean regularly to keep it free from germs and ensure the food is in the best condition. 

Buying Commercial Refrigeration Unit:

Whether you want to install a walk-in-freezer or a freezer room, rely on us to make the right investment. We are renowned for providing top-quality refrigeration units as per the requirements and specifications. 

Commercial Freezer Room – 3 Places that Can Benefit From!

When standard commercial refrigeration units are not enough, the Freezer Room provides the perfect cold storage solution. It can be an ideal solution and offers more storage space to meet all demands.

Commercial refrigeration units play an important part in a large variety of businesses, from grocery stores, hotels to bars and restaurants. There are quite a few industries for whom precise temperature-controlled environments or cold storage solutions are necessary to preserve their goods. By utilising commercial walk-in freezer rooms, businesses can make sure their stock lasts longer and remains fresh.

The main purpose of the structure and design of the freezer room is to preserve a uniform temperature within. They’re made up of panels with flexible sizes to make sure that there is enough space for storage. They’re available in multiple dimensions, outfitted with features for optimal temperature management. The freezer room is ideal, energy-efficient, and reliable to store products at a perfect temperature and maintain a high level of hygiene.

Three places that can benefit from commercial freezer room –

F&B Restaurants – The food & restaurant is a very competitive industry. So, to run a very successful restaurant business it is essential to have the right refrigeration equipment.

Whether you run your catering, bakery, restaurant, or warehouses of food processing, a proper commercial refrigeration storage system is essential. Commercial cold rooms are essential as they provide an efficient and controlled environment to keep the food fresh for longer periods.

If your business handles large volumes of food products, you require large industrial cold rooms, also known as walk-in cold rooms. At Africhill, we install commercial cold rooms according to the specific requirement of the customers.

Hotels & Hospitality – This is another sector that can benefit largely from commercial cold room refrigeration solutions. They are essentially required to be installed in the kitchen where foods are stored and prepared for customers. The best freezer room solution is the one that is energy-efficient and ideal for keeping products at the desired storage temperature.

Hospitals & Clinics – Commercial cold rooms installation are essential in hospitals and clinics to store medical supplies like blood samples, vaccines, and diagnostic kits.

Medical freezer rooms have an option to contain two independent refrigeration units to guarantee that is one fails the other will take its place, to protect valuable medicines and inventories.

For more information visit today, and we will be more than glad to help you with anything you need.