Insulated Panels

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Africhill manufactures and supplies high-quality insulated panels. So, if you are looking for quality and reliable insulated panels then we are the one you should go for. We will be delivering you the best insulated panels, fitting your needs and requirements well. We are known for supplying first-class insulated panels to the market. Africhill is a very known and trusted manufacturer and supplier.

Africhill is the best place to get reliable and strong insulated panels. The quality of our products is just unbeatable. We with our years of experience manufactures products that fit customer’s requirements perfectly. Hence, you have landed at the right place for insulted panels. You will be amazed to find such high-quality insulated panels at a reasonable price. Africhill never compromises with the quality. For us, quality matters a lot and with the advancing world and its demands, we keep ourselves updated and manufacture advanced products accordingly.

Insulated Panels

Africhill is this industry since 1998. We have a very professional team and we offer our customers the best of the best panels. Africhill’s 70% manufacturing is for exports, hence, our products are for both local supplying and outside markets as well. With years of experience, we have become well-aware of quality products.

So be sure of outstanding insulated panels from Africhill.

Insulated Panels from Africhill: Africhill is the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality insulated panels. Our customers trust us for the reliable products we deliver to them. Africhill is a very known company and is the most chosen one for insulated panels, cold rooms, refrigeration rooms, freezer rooms. We can confidently say that our products are capable of fitting all your requirements. Our experienced team makes sure quality and the proper product reaches you. Before delivery we test the products, ensuring the right product reaches our customers.

All about our insulated panels:

The insulated panels Africhill manufactures are manufactured from quality pre-fabricated materials. We manufacture panels with EPS insulators and two-ply polyurethane is glued to chromadek AZ150 plates. All these contribute to the strength and stability of the structures. The panels have a unique tongue and groove joining method for proper stability and sealing. 

The Insulated Panels – 

Fluted insulated wall panels – Available in white beige or cream color with a density of 16DV, 20DV, 24DV, and 30DV. The length can be of any length. It has a width, covering the size of 1185m.

IBR insulated roof panels – The cover size is 986mm. The color available is beige, white, and cream. It has 12DV, 20DV, 24DV, and 30DV densities. Any length.

Our insulated panels are manufactured by professionals and you can rely on them. Neither our products nor our services will ever disappoint you. You will be amazed to get such superior insulated panels. So, choose Africhill for the premium quality products. 

Africhill has computerized machinery and line equipment for quality and mass production. Africhill is the best option to choose for strong and high-performance insulated panels.

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Africhill will be delivering you the best quality of insulated panels.

Insulated Panels – Most Sought After Building Material

Insulated panels are lightweight and have an insulated foam core. The outer part of the panel serves as either wall siding or roofing by making use of standard profiles whereas the interior part serves as an interior finish. The firm insulation between the inner and outer part of the panel provide superior energy conservation properties. Also, this insulation provides a rigid core for extensive covering capabilities across the structure. Things that you must know before considering insulated panels for building projects –

Building types –

Whether you want to build a commercial, industrial, recreational or residential metallic building, insulated panels are a must. Specifically, the insulated panels are used successfully on schools, retail centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses, power plants and many other types of building.

Insulated Wall and Roof Assemblies –

When you are considering insulated roofing and wall assembly then insulated panels come into the picture. These panels serve as cladding insulation, water-resistant barrier, air barrier, and finished surface. These features are true for conventional buildings as well as for the specialty construction projects that include the climate-controlled processing, storage as well as distribution of fresh food items and other perishable stuff.  Besides the thermal performance capabilities, the insulated panels have versatile features that help in achieving many aesthetics for walls and roofs.

Architectural Design –

Insulated panels come in a variety of color, width, finishes, and profiles that transforms the aesthetic of any building. Also, there are custom shapes, widths, colors, finishes as well as fabrication which is not just confined to bent corners and curved panels. Even the structural insulated panels provide numerous options for integrating windows, sunshades and similar products that offer envelope solutions for the entire building.

Panel Joints –

Usually, the insulated panels are fabricated with an intention for working together as a complete system. Therefore, attention has been paid to the design of the edges so that the panels can interlock and seal for forming a continuous joint making it water and airtight. Many a time it has been seen that there is a need for panel overlapping especially for longer roofs that run over 50 feet.

Easy to Install –

What makes insulated panels a hit among most of the builders is that these panels are easy to install as these are a single and finished rigid panel! As a result of which there is a reduction observed in the labor costs as well as material costs as compared to the other systems. Additionally, as the installation process gets simplified there is limited exposure to accidents which in turn creates a safe and efficient workflow.

So are you looking for insulated panels in South Africa?  Then we at Africhill provide insulated panels that can be used in cold, freezer rooms, blast freezers and construction industries. Our insulated panels are made of top quality materials that ensure isolation robustness and modern. For more details contact us at +27 (0) 11 979 1885/+27 (0) 11 396 2402/+27 (0) 11 396 1379. You can also write to us at

Structured Insulated Panels Are Incredible Elements For Construction Of Any Building

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are rising in popularity not only in South Africa but preferred worldwide. It provides extremely durable, strong, and energy-efficient option to construct a building. With our top quality yet solid core insulated panel materials; you can make a building that has everything including walls, ceilings or even floors you may need in one place.

Insulate Panel

We engineered structural insulated panels typically consist of a rigid foam insulation layer sandwiched between two structural skin surfaces. We manufactured these panels in various sizes or dimensions, with thicknesses ranging from 50mm, to 120mm for insulated roof panels and 50mm to 300mm for insulated wall panels. These are useful to construct walls, ceilings, and floors. We also manufactured Insulated Panels in larger sizes for custom work, but these larger panels may require a crane for installation. It also can be custom-tailored to particular needs as the project specifications requirement.

Insulated Panel Syatem

All types of buildings can be engineered in varying dimensions that guarantee strength to produce stable structures. It can handle dead loads of 7000 pounds per square foot and can span as much as 18 feet that stand without additional support. This results in structures that are stronger, straighter, taller and wider. Our roof or wall or flooring panels have unique tongue-and-grooves makes it comfortable to attach each other. The exclusive unification approach gives an accurate sealing with greater stability to the panels that ensures a water sealed structure.

Insulated Panels

Insulated panels have many advantages that should be weighed when designing a commercial or residential building. Our structured insulated panel products in South Africa have a very good thermal resistance to suit the room application and to save on energy is an advantage. It is considerably stronger, comfortable and warmer building than comparable surfaces constructed with traditional framing materials. Many clients choose to use our structured insulated panel products in South Africa for their building options.  Furthermore, our solid insulated panel’s products can reduce energy costs up to 50% or even more! Hence, it can be considered a reliable and budget-friendly element to construct a new building.

Our structured insulated panels in South Africa offer benefits at all levels of building design and construction. From architects to designers or even builders or residents or occupiers of the building all will get benefited with this unique product. The versatility of our structural insulated panels is ideal for residential homes, farming homes, food processing, cold storage, roofing, clean rooms, and many other applications.

Insulated Panel Product

We offer complete design, installation and post-installation support as well as the guarantee on our structural insulated panels in South Africa. We also will accommodate your business needs according to custom project details and your timeline.  For any inquiry or consultation about any project feel free to call us +27 (0) 11 979 1885 .

The Disadvantages That You Need Consideration When Using Insulated Panels

Insulated Panels first picked up consideration in the 1970s for their elevated level of protection, air tightness and quality over wood framing. Notwithstanding, after some time, weaknesses with basic panels have made developers and modelers assess the advantages and disadvantages of insulated panels. A brilliant structural insulated panel which tackles huge numbers of the issues of SIP is the one made by Africhill.

Insulated Panels

Our insulated panels used in cold, freezer rooms and construction industries are made of top quality materials that insure isolation robustness and modern. Our factory has machinery with computerized and continued line equipment that ensures quality and mass production.

The structural insulated panels disadvantages can be avoided by using our panels

Accurate sealing and stability Our insulated panels are made of top-quality pre-fabricated materials to guarantee strength and to produce a stable structure. These panels offer a unique tongue-and-groove joining method to ensure accurate sealing and stability. When erected, there are no gaps between panels, thus saving silicon and certificating water-sealed structure sealed structure.

Insulated Panels

Moisture and Mold: Dampness issues with structural insulated panels can happen, particularly if using panels made of OSB or pressed wood. OSB and plywood sheathing are liable to mold and decay. Mold is undesirable to the inhabitants and spoil diminishes the basic limit of a building. Our panels are not so you can depend on us to have the best of structure. These structural insulated panels disadvantages can be avoided by using our insulated panels Africhill +27 (0) 11 979 1885.