What is a Freezer Room and Why Do You It?

When it comes to preserving products, the first solution that comes to your mind is a freezer room. So, if you want to keep your products longer, you should understand better about freezer rooms.

Freezer Rooms

What is a freezer room?

A freezer room is nothing but a warehouse in which a certain temperature is generated artificially. It’s specifically designed for the storage of products in an environment just below the surrounding temperature. Generally, the products requiring refrigeration include fruits, vegetables, flowers, seafood, and meat.

What are the main applications of freezer rooms?

Nevertheless of the products to be stored, the commercial refrigeration rooms are useful for following things:

Goods Reception – The sanitary standards need that businesses like warehouses and restaurants should have right temperature to receive their raw materials. A good quality freezer room is necessary for these circumstances.

Storage and Products Handling – Freezer rooms help in increasing production and marketing thus by enhancing shelf life and transforming products.

Products Display – It’s very common to use walk-in doors that will allow the consumer to access products easily. This is much more attractive point of sale.

How does refrigeration work in a freezer room?

Generally, refrigeration slows down chemical and biological processes in food and controls deterioration and loss of quality. With freezer room storage facility, you can extend the life of fresh perishable foods like fish, fruits, meats and vegetables by several weeks or months.

Apart from this, a refrigeration engineer focuses on certain things while manufacturing a freeze room. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Fruits and vegetables breathe comfortably and generate heat during storage.
  • Most of the perishable foods need to be frozen in a temperature range rather than a single temperature.
  • The freezing rate significantly impacts on the overall quality of frozen foods.
  • The refrigerated air speed affects the moisture loss rate in the products to be stored.

How do you choose the freezer room temperature?

The internal temperature of freezer rooms depends on the materials or products that you’re going to store. The main application of these rooms is the storage of foods for their preservation like frozen foods, stored below zero temperature. For example, local vegetables and fruits are storage at 0 °C whereas tropical and subtropical fruits are at 5-13 °C.

How do you design your freezer room?

Remember that, good design of freezer rooms is not only about choosing the right equipment; but it’s the location for the safe accessibility of the personnel. If you want to ensure a safe access and maneuver into the freezer room, it’s important that contractors, engineers and owners should involve in the project to make the right selection of freezing system by focusing on life cycle cost and energy efficiency.

Freezer Room

What should you do?

Preserving your perishable food products properly isn’t an option; but a necessity. You should guarantee this process to ensure great savings and productivity for your company. A good start for you is to define your requirements and the process you require for your food storage. You should focus not only on the right equipment; but a specific and special design for your company.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to designing freezer rooms, you should look no further than Africhill – a leading manufacturer of perfectly-engineered cold storage rooms. We use strong and highly energy efficient insulated panels to manufacture our freezer rooms, saving you more on your utility bills. For more information about our products, feel free to contact us at https://www.aboard.co.za/contact-us/.

The Insulated Panels That Offers Amazing Benefits

You must be in search of insulated panels and that has brought you to this piece of work. You are exactly at the right place because we at Africhill are the one who can offer you best of insulated panel system for your cold, freezer rooms, blast freezers and construction industries at an affordable rate.

You must be in search of insulated panels and that has brought you to this piece of work. You are exactly at the right place because we at Africhill are the one who can offer you best of insulated panel system for your cold, freezer rooms, blast freezers and construction industries at an affordable rate.

Along with our insulated panel come some amazing benefits. Let us have a look at some of those.

Ease of construction

Our insulated panel wipes out the requirement for confining, protecting and applying vapor boundary. Manufacturers concur that these significantly enhance site development quality and workmanship. Framing groups and insulation teams are never again required. A solitary exchange that can be prepared in merely days can finish the complete freezer rooms with fewer instruments. The shorter development time bring monetary advantages and in addition lessened possibility of material misuse from the activity site.

Superior strength

Our insulated panel is basically more grounded and straighter than an ordinary stud outline structure. We are delighted to say that we can offer our clients three different kinds of panels. Our team consists of the best professionals in the industry. We do not just focusing on the local market, 70% of our production is for export. In a very competitive industry, we insure you that you have come to the market leader in the industry.

Saving on energy

Persistent EPS protection on our insulated panel makes a genuine R esteem (R19 and R27) that executes as reliably in research facility conditions as it performs, in actuality, conditions. Different dividers can display in excess of a half misfortune in R esteem execution because of settling protection, squeezing, and debasement. Up to 40% littler HVAC framework can be used.

Best quality

Our insulated panels used for insulated structures are made of top-quality pre-fabricated materials. Panels are made of EPS insulators and two ply polyurethane glued to 0.5mm chromatic AZ150 plates to guarantee strength and to produce a stable structure. These panels offer a unique tongue-and-groove joining method to ensure accurate sealing and stability. When erected, there are no gaps between panels, thus saving silicon and certificating water-sealed structure.