Have Your Cold Room Made To Order

There are many different types of businesses that require the use of a cold or freezer room. Restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, catering companies, florists or even research institutions and laboratories. Every one of these businesses will have different needs for their freezer room. A restaurant or hotel may require a bigger freezer to keep food for longer, while a laboratory may only need to store a few samples in a smaller space.


Because Africhill uses modular panels to construct cold rooms, you have total control over the size of the cold room that you need. Insulated panels are used in cold rooms, freezers, blast chillers and construction industries. Made from top quality IBR panels and Expanded Polystyrene, these panels have been tried and tested to ensure that no cold is allowed to escape. Panels are strong and energy efficient – saving you money on your electricity bills too.


Cold rooms can be constructed in almost any shape and size. Insulated freezer panels range from 2.4 to 6 metres long so no matter what your needs, they can be met.


Advantages Of Custom Cold Rooms


A cold room made specifically to suit your needs means that you won’t have to spend unnecessary extra money on space you don’t need. Once your business has grown, there may be a need for more cold room space, a with modular panels a room can be expanded very easily.


This means that if you do run out of space and need to expand, the costs will still be manageable. Instead of buying a whole new cold room, simply add a few more panels to the existing one.

All panels are made inside on the factory floor and assembled quickly on site which prevents any delays in construction caused by weather conditions.


DIY Cold Rooms


Africhill insulated panels are fitted together with ‘tongue and groove’ attachments making construction a relatively simple task. If you’re the type of person who likes to use their hands you can order a Do-It-Yourself Cold Room Kit. All that needs to be done is fitting together the panels and installing the refrigeration unit. Because of their design, the panels do not require any nails, silicon or glue to attach together, and the refrigeration unit needs nothing more than to be plugged in.


You could have a cold room made specifically for your needs, expand your existing cold room or even construct your own. A simple, effective and efficient cold room doesn’t need to be difficult to install or cost fortune.


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