Cold Rooms – An Industrial Revolution But Choosing one is Important

Various industries and plants in all over the world use the cold rooms to store large quantities of perishable materials and products like meat, food, vegetables, fish, medicines, and chemicals. Based on the size and use, the cold room is classified as walk-in cold rooms and warehouse cold stores. The cold storage room is widely used in many industrial set-ups like warehouses, food processing units, hospitality sector, floriculture, restaurants, dairy, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

We must know why cold rooms can be a good commercial enhancer:

You must know that energy-efficient cold rooms are never made from Brick and Mortar; It needs to be Modular, sealed, maintain constant temperature, have space and racks to store and easy movement; Well here is what you must look for while bringing in a Cold room for your commercial usage –

  • Modular Cold rooms are easy to install as you get flexible size panels to build the room as per your choice
  • Room dimension must guide you to define the internal architecture which can withstand the outside weather or wind
  • Strong Insulation, temperature and humidity control mechanism is achieved by the nature of temperature management systems used on the room
  • Room should made for multipurpose storage, foldable shelving system, and easy movement of goods
  • You can plan to add more gadgets like camera, sensors, fire alarms and sprinklers, automatic Doors, view port latch etc. good temperature control
  • Off course Good Ventilation increase the lifetime of the entire cooling system and cold room
  • Maximum protection to the food store inside

While you are planning for your new Cod room, definitely look at a Cold Room Builder who provides you the interior & exterior designs of the room, the right estimates about the Materials to be used in constructing the cold room, the insulation panels, the outer fabricated sheets, condensing units and Blower Coils.

Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms and Cooler Room be what you name, a professional cold room builder would deliver you all the insulated panels. Vapor sealants; galvanize plates, insulators, polyurethane glue, sliding doors, hinge doors, condensers, right to the construction area. An experienced professional cold room builder also has prefab cold rooms which can be fabricated and installed as per a custom requirement;

You must see that the condenser, the compressor and other electrical parts are made fom good quality in a cold room. If you are crazy about small sized cold rooms, you can just go for prefab DYI Cold Room Kit which gives you complete instruction of plug and play Cold room.

If you want to buy a customized a cold room in Africa or any other country, then make sure to rely on the world’s leading manufacturer- Africhill. Based in South Africa, we are the specialists in manufacturing and supplying high-performance modern cold storage rooms, freezers and many other refrigeration solutions to businesses and industries in all over the world.

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