Commercial Refrigeration Room – Energy Efficient And Space Saver

Do you run a commercial food storage business? Then a refrigeration room is a must for keeping your products safe in the long run. A commercial refrigeration room is a reliable and efficient storage solution. And we at Africhill are catering to the refrigeration and cold storage needs of customers worldwide. But what are the benefits of purchasing our commercial refrigeration rooms? Check out below –

  • Efficiency par Excellence

Being a reliable and experienced refrigeration room and cold storage room manufacturer and supplier we at Africhill make sure to provide our customers with the most efficient storage solutions. The energy efficiency par excellence offers great benefits for a business of any size. Instead of storing your stuff in several fridges and freezers using a single commercial refrigeration room reduces energy consumption which improves energy efficiency. Also these rooms are easy to maintain and we also offer maintenance services if needed. Our professionals will install it for you which further makes the process easier and better.

  • Utmost Safety and Space Saver

Commercial refrigeration rooms save a substantial amount of space as compared to using large number of freezers and fridges to store your perishable goods. Also, when you install a refrigeration room, you need not have to walk around different fridges and freezers that may take up valuable floor space. Also, organising your goods can be effectively done which enables you to manage the space efficiently. And an organized refrigeration room enhances your service quality. And safety of your goods is guaranteed.

  • Adjustable Refrigeration Rooms

Our refrigeration rooms at Africhill are temperature adjustable. A wide range of temperatures are available which allows you to adjust the temperature as per your business requirements. Our refrigeration rooms are fully insulated and sealed which makes maintaining the temperature becomes easy. We assure that our products are extremely reliable and hence you can use them a variety of purposes like a dry room or freezer.

Why Choose Us?

At Africhill we have been in the in insulation and cooling or refrigeration industry for more than sixteen years now. We take pride in catering to the refrigeration and cold storage needs of our customers all over the world. Our expert technicians specialize in manufacturing refrigeration rooms, cold storage rooms, condensing units, mortuary cabinets, insulated panel as well as blower coils for use in HVAC industry.

Moreover,  our products and services are available at competitive prices worldwide. We aim to provide energy efficient and hygienic atmosphere for food processing, transport refrigeration, blood and drug storage units.

So whether you are planning to install or replace refrigeration units, cold storage panels, insulated floors or blower coils for a boost in the performance of your cooling and freezing system, you can trust upon us without any hesitation. To know more about our refrigeration rooms and services get in touch with us today.