Custom Made Cold Storage Rooms Meet the Growing Needs of Several Businesses

The cold storage room is such a necessary asset for a number of industries today! The growing consumer demand for chilled and frozen food or pharmaceutical market or warehouse supermarkets etc. continue to challenge the cold storage industry as living standards rise worldwide. Whether you are a food manufacturer, a beverage distributor, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the hospitality industry or in the food service industry, at Africhill we are equipped to offer you a wide variety of solutions tailored to your unique needs. Each of our refrigeration room holds their own uniqueness that meets the requirement of every client.

Finding the correct type of cold storage room is essential. Here is a guide that takes you through some of the most suitable utility of cold storages room for a variety of requirements.

Public organizations

Public organizations such as schools, hospitals, and care homes often have the mammoth task of feeding hundreds of people every day. Many public organizations are working on a budget may not financially viable to buy in fresh produce every single day. Hence it may need Refrigeration Room to keep their freshly made food produce or vegetables or food-related thing refrigerating in the public kitchen for anyone working in a busy or to meet the desired requirement.

Warehouses and supermarkets

Refrigerated room facilitates owners to keep things cold and moving it in and out to meet their customer’s needs. There is a growing consumer demand for natural, fresher foods and efforts are made by distribution warehouses and supermarkets to meet this demand. They have started to offer fresher products and ingredients as options to consumers. The integration of a cold storage room into a supermarket or warehouse creates a simple way to store and move goods before they make their way onto the shelves. Our cold storage room or refrigeration room can be used to freeze, chill and maintain the temperatures no matter the capacity, making them appropriate for all types of foods.

Restaurants, pubs, and caterers

Eating out is well-liked than ever and there is great raise in it. When eating demand becomes more the more will be the responsibility to meet the need. Big hotels, restaurants, catering companies and even pubs are now offering a wider variety of dishes to their customers. Hence it needs to store fresh produce on a long-term basis. We can provide several mobile cold storage Room solutions that are perfect for your business and meet your business need.


Correct temperature control is essential to maintain the quality of the product, its nutritional contents, and control of bacterial growth cold storage room increases the shelf life of most products kept in it. The requirement and demand for high quality, long-life fish products has been increased significantly now a day will make it essential to preserve them. Raw fish has subjected to fastest deterioration than any fresh produce. Cold storage Room can improve its lifespan significantly with quick and effective freezing. Our refrigeration rooms are the most effective cold storage solution for fisheries as they offer fast, low-temperature freezing and have the capability of accommodate even a high quantity.


Africhill provides you with professional solutions to your refrigeration and insulated structure needs and offers a wide range of bespoke refrigeration and commercial freezing units for businesses that need an exclusive cold storage solution. Talk to one of our experts by calling +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or text at today to find out a custom-made cold storage to meet your business needs.