What are the Different Types of Industrial or Commercial Cold Rooms?

Cold rooms are the most popular option and perfect solution when it comes to cold storage of the large stock of food products or any type of perishable items (in an industry, manufacturing plant or commercial facility).  For commercial and industrial purpose there are many types of cold or freezer rooms available. Each cold or freezer room has unique features and specifications to suit every business’s needs and requirement.

Here is a list of different type of cold or freezer rooms for a commercial or industrial purpose:

1.Modular Cold or Freezer Room:

This type of cold or freezer room is commonly used in the food industry. A modular cold or freezer room uses the panels and insulation materials that are safe for the food and other non-edible items. The materials used to build a modular cold or freezer room are very easy to clean and maintain. This type of cold or freezer room is designed to freeze at any temperature range, very easy to install and come in a flat pack format.

2.Combo Cold or Freezer Room:

The combi cold or freezer room has a separate internal temperature zone such as the chiller zone with a range of 2 C to 12 C and freezer zone with a range down to -22 C. This type of cold or freezer room is perfect for storing a wide variety of food products, which require different temperature zones.

3.Walk-In Cold or Freezer Room:

This type of cold or freezer room allows you to walk into the cold room. A walk-in cold or freezer room offers the advantage of larger storage capacity. You can easily store a large stock of food and other items in a walk-in cold room.

4.Industrial Chiller Cold or Freezer Room:

Industrial Chiller Cold or freezer rooms are ideal for storing large quantity, bulky food products, and many other perishable items. In this case, the freezer room proves to be one of the best solutions. In this cold or freezer room, you can not only walk in but also use vehicles like the forklift trucks. This makes it easy to upload the stock and unload it as well in a safe and effective way. This type of cold room or freezer room is perfect for use in the ice factories and other big industries.

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