Insulated Panels – Most Sought After Building Material

Insulated panels are lightweight and have an insulated foam core. The outer part of the panel serves as either wall siding or roofing by making use of standard profiles whereas the interior part serves as an interior finish. The firm insulation between the inner and outer part of the panel provide superior energy conservation properties. Also, this insulation provides a rigid core for extensive covering capabilities across the structure. Things that you must know before considering insulated panels for building projects –

Building types –

Whether you want to build a commercial, industrial, recreational or residential metallic building, insulated panels are a must. Specifically, the insulated panels are used successfully on schools, retail centers, manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses, power plants and many other types of building.

Insulated Wall and Roof Assemblies –

When you are considering insulated roofing and wall assembly then insulated panels come into the picture. These panels serve as cladding insulation, water-resistant barrier, air barrier, and finished surface. These features are true for conventional buildings as well as for the specialty construction projects that include the climate-controlled processing, storage as well as distribution of fresh food items and other perishable stuff.  Besides the thermal performance capabilities, the insulated panels have versatile features that help in achieving many aesthetics for walls and roofs.

Architectural Design –

Insulated panels come in a variety of color, width, finishes, and profiles that transforms the aesthetic of any building. Also, there are custom shapes, widths, colors, finishes as well as fabrication which is not just confined to bent corners and curved panels. Even the structural insulated panels provide numerous options for integrating windows, sunshades and similar products that offer envelope solutions for the entire building.

Panel Joints –

Usually, the insulated panels are fabricated with an intention for working together as a complete system. Therefore, attention has been paid to the design of the edges so that the panels can interlock and seal for forming a continuous joint making it water and airtight. Many a time it has been seen that there is a need for panel overlapping especially for longer roofs that run over 50 feet.

Easy to Install –

What makes insulated panels a hit among most of the builders is that these panels are easy to install as these are a single and finished rigid panel! As a result of which there is a reduction observed in the labor costs as well as material costs as compared to the other systems. Additionally, as the installation process gets simplified there is limited exposure to accidents which in turn creates a safe and efficient workflow.

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