Maintenance Checklist for Industrial Condensing Units

Preventative maintenance keeps your air conditioning and heating system operating efficiently. What you may not realize that regular service is necessary for your industrial refrigeration equipment.

Even when you think they are working perfectly, your industrial refrigeration units can be consuming enough energy that costs not only your wallet but the entire planet. Preventative care and maintenance will save you more and also help you do your part to be environmentally-conscious.

Here are a few benefits you will achieve by scheduling regular cleaning and tune-ups for your industrial refrigeration units:

Preventing emergency breakdown –

When your walk-in freezer is going down, it’s enough to raise your blood pressure. If your industrial refrigeration system is checked regularly by a professional expert, problems can be identified and fixed before the equipment goes down.

Worn parts can be changed before they cause the entire unit to shut down. Therefore, it’s wise to check the electrical connections beforehand to prevent power loss. Regular cleaning minimizes wear on the refrigeration system and keeps important parts from breaking down.

Avoiding mold and contaminated ice –

Smelly ice can drive your customers away in a hurry and can make them sick. If the ice machines are neglected, they can develop bacteria and viruses like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli.

As a result, the dirt and mold are accumulated inside the ice maker. To prevent this situation from happening again, schedule a refrigeration maintenance expert to clean all components immediately.

Make sure your service provider cleans the bins, water lines, and dispensers utilizing products that are designed specifically for ice machines. Cleaning has the additional benefits of increasing ice yield.

Minimizing energy utility bills –

Maintaining the refrigeration unit can save around 5-10% on energy costs by keeping the systems operating at peak performance. When the condensing unit is dirty, your freezers and coolers are required to work harder to maintain the temperature, utilizing more energy in the process.

The gaskets, door handles, hinges, or seals that are worn and faulty can cause cold air to leak from the condensing unit, forcing the system to operate longer and utilizing more electricity. Your service technician will check temperature and defrost frequency settings for maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption.

Extending durability of equipment –

Regular cleaning and maintenance makes your equipment work efficiently and helps it last longer. When parts are dirty and worn, the condensing unit operates more frequently causing more wear and tear on the parts.

Taking proper care of equipment –

Preventing these issues is much simpler than you think. You can contact a qualified refrigeration service company at least twice a year and once a month, depending on the load and application of your equipment. Here are following tasks you should consider:

•  Clean condenser and evaporator coils
•  Check lines for condensation
•  Clean fan blades and check the fan motor
•  Check for the insulation integrity
•  Check for air leaks through holes, cracks, and worn parts like seals and gaskets
•  Lubricate handles and door hinges properly
•  Clear off debris from drain lines
•  Check defrost, temperature settings, and calibrate thermometers
•  Check filters on ice makers
•  Clean all ice maker components thoroughly

Preparing a Customized Maintenance Plan –

Improperly maintained refrigeration equipment causes a great deal of waste. When condensing units operate inefficiently, they waste energy resources and money. When they break down, you lose out time and money as well as food.

You should consult with a qualified refrigeration service company to put together a customized maintenance plan for your business.

To know more about industrial condensing units, you can count on Africhill for your commercial kitchen preventative maintenance requirements. For more information, contact us as soon as possible!

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