The cold storage room is such a necessary asset for a number of industries today! The growing consumer demand for chilled and frozen food or pharmaceutical market or warehouse supermarkets etc. continue to challenge the cold storage industry as living standards rise worldwide. Whether you are a food manufacturer, a beverage distributor, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the hospitality industry or in the food service industry, at Africhill we are equipped to offer you a Read More
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Modern insulations setthe contemporary building apart, even when compared to projects accomplished just thirty years back. Insulation allows contractors to control the inner temperature of an area with an elevated amount of accuracy & considerably more power efficient outcomes. One most versatile type of contemporary insulation is the insulated panel. In this post, we discussed the use of insulated panels in different sectors. Commercial building construction: Commercial constructions, encompassing manufacturing facilities, usually have diverse climate Read More
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A freezer or cold room is a popular option especially for the cold storage of a large stock of food products. It can store large quantities of food at optimal temperatures for the long time period. Therefore, when it comes to choosing between cold rooms manufacturers, it’s an important decision you make. After all, the cold room you require will be with you for almost a decade. Many businesses consider the price and size of Read More
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More often you are not that much concerned about your commercial freezer and cooler. But they play a key role in your business success. But emergency repairs can be expensive. However, certain malfunctions can be reduced or prevented with regular maintenance. So, active walk-in freezer and cooler maintenance schedule can ensure prolonged operation of your commercial refrigeration unit. But, how do you maintain your commercial refrigeration system? Is there any quick guide to follow regularly? Read More
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Cold rooms are the most popular option and perfect solution when it comes to cold storage of the large stock of food products or any type of perishable items (in an industry, manufacturing plant or commercial facility).  For commercial and industrial purpose there are many types of cold or freezer rooms available. Each cold or freezer room has unique features and specifications to suit every business’s needs and requirement. Here is a list of different Read More
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