The Use Of Insulated Panels In Different Sectors

Modern insulations setthe contemporary building apart, even when compared to projects accomplished just thirty years back. Insulation allows contractors to control the inner temperature of an area with an elevated amount of accuracy & considerably more power efficient outcomes.

One most versatile type of contemporary insulation is the insulated panel. In this post, we discussed the use of insulated panels in different sectors.

Commercial building construction:

Commercial constructions, encompassing manufacturing facilities, usually have diverse climate requirements than residential properties. For instance, inside a manufacturing unit, the frequent exercise of equipment can increase the atmosphere temperature considerably to levels that wouldn’t be reached in a home. In this kind of construction, the employment of insulated panel lets project supervisors to better manage the indoor temperature of a facility according to their requirements.

Pharmaceutical Storage:

Pharmacies should pursue stringent guidelines for various products. If these principles aren’t met, the drug may damage or lose its power. This theory is especially true when medications are in storage or in transit.

Insulated Panels can form a great storage, which is free from humidity &moisture, non-particle shedding and non-combustible in nature which is the major requirements. If properly used insulated panels can be used for pharmacy storage room. Also, insulated panels are sometimes employed in refrigerated trucks used to transfer food, medicine,and other temperature sensitive stuff.

Warehouse Storage:

To shield items inside warehouse storage, numerous warehouses are kept at a cool temperature. These large areas require ample insulation because the many cooling systems couldn’t otherwise maintain a steady temperature.

Insulated panels are especially vital for cold storage warehouses, which may contain foods or temperature sensitive items like electronic gadgets.


Insulated panels are found to be the essential building stuff for large-scale refrigeration. Refrigerators and walk-in freezers are coupled with insulated panels to sustain the required temperature. These systems can be found in schools, restaurants, camps, hospitals and other areas where the ability of a regular refrigerator wouldn’t be adequate to keep foods or other cold stuff fresh for long.

At AfriChill, we provide insulated panels specifically designed for cold storage. Our insulated panels are also ideal for walk-in freezers, and also temperature controlled rooms for commercial, industrial or retail spaces.

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