The Workings of Blast Chillers In The Catering Industry

Some people probably don’t even know that there are such things as blast chillers and yet theyare so relevant in our society that without the methods of blast chilling, many of our perishables would not last very long at all.

Blast chilling is a way of quicklycooling foods down to temperatures low enough to keep them from bacterial growth. A blast chillers works by using a high-powered refrigeration systemthat literally blasts cold air over contents at high speed.

Keeping foods fresh

Blast chillers have very powerful fans that will create a fast and even ice cold air flow over the food, maintaining its freshness. Once the freeze cycle is complete then the equipment will switch on a hold mode to keep the specific food at the set temperature. This method of preserving food is commonly used by catering companies and even in the preparation of instant foods, because it ensures the quality and safety of the food.

A blast chiller plays a very important role along with bottle coolers in the catering industry. Customers are always looking out for cold drinks and foods and therefore, these gadgets have become hugely popular in offices and shopping malls. If you are in the catering business and you want to ensure that you deliver quality service to your customers, you are going to need blast chillers.

The bottle coolers are needed for keeping refreshments at perfect temperatures. When a customer comes into a bar or a restaurant on a hot day, he or she wants to drink something that will keep their bodies cool. Having these bottles on the premises is vital because any customers who visit your business and you give them something to drink that isn’t cold, it isn’t likely that they’ll come back again.

Good organization by means of blast chillers will attract customers

Blast chillers displayed in restaurants can actually be an attraction for your customers. People are attracted to a business that shows clearly how organized it is. If you position your blast chillers strategically, your business could stand out uniquely amongst the others. Many customers like to personally verify the quality of the food they plan on ordering.

Modern blast chillers make use of the latest technologies which allows for faster cooling, and this also applies to the bottles. Businesses can easily find blast chillers that will allow them to store the amount of food they require on a regular basis. When your customers see your equipment in your business, they will be confident of safety and security, with the risk of contamination being very low.