What Are the Most Important Components Of A Cold Storage Room?

Cold storage is a facility that’s used to store food items such as fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. The temperature of the rooms can be adjusted to meet the required specifications of the individual products being stored.

Cold storage facilities work by maintaining a temperature around freezing, which is ideal for storing all kinds of food. A cold storage room has several key components:

Condensing Units


The compressor is a big machine that makes cold rooms work. It’s what runs the refrigerant through the system and turns it into liquid, so that the cold room can keep things cool. The compressor needs a lot of energy to run. It uses up almost all of the power in a cold room. It takes hot air in and turns it into cold air.


A condensing unit uses the high-pressure refrigerant and circulating water from the compressor to remove heat from the system. It changes the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid by absorbing heat, which cools both the refrigerant and circulating water. A condenser is like a radiator for your car, which keeps it from overheating. The efficiency of your condenser determines how well your cold storage plant cools its contents.


Once the refrigerant leaves the condenser, it passes through a component called a receiver. The high-pressure liquid refrigerant is stored in the receiver. The refrigerant then goes to an expansion valve where pressure and temperature are lowered.

Expansion Valve:

A small valve inside the system called an Expansion Valve reduces the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant. To do this, a throttling device inside the valve restricts the flow of gas as it passes through. This causes friction that produces heat and lowers both the temperature and pressure of the gas. The result is that refrigerant in the Receiver will have a higher pressure than that in the Evaporator.


The Evaporator is a component that lowers the temperature of items in a refrigerator. It takes heat from the storage compartment or atmosphere that is supposed to be cooled, converts it into a gas by boiling the liquid refrigerant and then transfers the gas to a condenser. The gas cools while moving through the condenser and goes back to its liquid form. The liquid evaporates again and continues to cycle through this process until it reaches the desired temperature inside the refrigerator.


The cooled air is spread across the room by a fan, which creates a convection process. This cools down the room to the desired temperature.

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