What Makes a Cold Storage Room a Right Solution?

Are you looking for professional solutions best suiting your refrigeration and insulated structure requirements? If yes, then you should invest in a cold storage room. It has all the specialties that make it an ideal solution for your business.

Money Saving –

Obviously, you have to throw away food and other products that spoil because of not providing adequate storage facility. A cold storage room will help you save money and keep the spoils to a minimum.

When you invest in a cold storage, you’ll be able to keep vegetables and fruits at the right temperature. In addition, you’ll be able to control the moisture level and extend the life of fresh produce much longer. This will help you reduce waste and save money.

Different Functionality –

Cold storage can be utilized for different functions due to their adjustable temperature functionality. This is really up to you if you really want to use the unit for dehumidifying or prevent deteriorating products.

However, a cold storage room can be able to maintain temperature constantly and is tightly sealed. As a result, it’s useful in protecting products in extreme weather conditions.

Efficiency –

When comparing efficiency, a commercial refrigeration room stands out from the refrigerators and freezers. You’ll improve energy efficiency significantly when you invest in cold storage solutions for your commercial premises.

Providing you with more effective insulation, a commercial cold room requires less energy while keeping your electricity bill down. This system installation includes less maintenance, easy operation and less downtime.

Timely Delivery –

It’s highly recommended to count on reliable manufacturer like Africhill. They have their own manufacturing line. There won’t be any non-availability of panels for your project that gets delayed. It means, you’ll get your cold storage room on or before the time.

Professional Installation –

When you count on Africhill for cold room, they don’t think that their responsibility is just limited to delivering the products to you. In addition, you’ll be provided with professional standard installation.

Customized Sizing –

Generally, Africhill uses modular panels to build freezer and cold rooms while offering you complete control over the cold room size you need. They are made with flat panels and expanded polystyrene. Rest assured that, all panels are well-tried and tested ensuring that cold won’t escape.

Modular Panels –

As discussed above, modular panels are used to build cold storage rooms and are pre-manufactured as per the design to minimize the time required for installation.

The cold storage room available at Africhill is manufactured from Chromadek or Zink Alum steel on sides. They are laminated on expanded fire retardant polystyrene by applying a tongue and groove system to ensure optimal structural strength and no thermal bridges.

Final Consideration –

When it comes to investing in a cold storage room, you should look no further than Africhill. We have extensive years of experience and expertise for delivering superior standard products at highly competitive prices. For more information, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at https://www.aboard.co.za/contact-us/.