Condensign Units

Units from 2Hp›are ready build up and includes: Copeland scroll compressor, drier, sight glass, liquid valve, suction valve, Danfoss LP/HP Gauges, LP/HP switch, on/off switch, Schneider breaker, Schneider contactor, phase protector, Dixell controller, selonoid valve and receiver. Oil seperator from 6HP and up. Accumulator on low temp units.

Units from 1.75Hp‹ are ready build up and includes: French Tecumseh compressor LP/HP gauges, LP/HP switch. On/off switch, receiver, liquid valve, suction valve, drier, contactor, breaker, salonoid valve, signal lights.

Medium Temperature

Medium Temperature

Condensing Temp. 45°C, suction gas superheat. 10K

Low Temperature

Low Temperature

Condensing Temp. 45°C suction gas superheat. 10K

XJB Series Box Type Condensing Units

with Bitzer semi-hermetic

Condensing temp 45°C, Refrigerant R404a

Full Specifications On Evaporator Blower Coils

D series air coolers

D series air coolers

Product Description

The D series Products are air coolers applicable to various cold storage houses. They are divided in different groups by temperature, DM group, for -5°C, DD for -25°C and DJ, for that below -30°C DT is 7k. All the products are anti-rust, corrosion proof, and high reliability.

Main Components

Danfoss expansion valves included
World famous brand refrigeration parts are employed for all products
World leading brand low temperature motor
Stainless steel defrosting heater


Medium Tempreture -5°C

DM Cooler with fin space 4.5 mm ? All DM coolers include R 22 expansion valves with orifice.

Low Temeprature -25°C

DD Cooler with fin space 6.0 mm ? All DD coolers include R404A expansion valves and orifice.

Low Temperature -30°C

DJ Cooler with fin space 9.0 mm – All DJ coolers include R404A expansion valves and orifice.

Overall Dimensions

Duel Discharge Range Flat Type

Technical data

Fin space: 4mm

Fin space: 6mm

Install Size

Install tricks

Monoblock Units

The LJ series integral cold storage refrigeration machine is a device that consists of one condensing unit, one evaporator and control system. It is easy to install with compact overall dimensions and it reduces maintenance costs. Called mono block, that integrates evaporator, condenses, electrical control unit into one compact body, can be widely used for cold storage rooms of temperatures @ 5°C~- 5°C or -15°C~ 20°C, in hotels, restaurants, medical, agricultural and chemical industries all over the world.

Product features:

  • Compact structure
  • Tecumseh hermetic compressors
  • Highly efficient in grooved copper tube
  • Aluminum fin heat exchanger
  • Famous brand refrigeration parts for all products
  • Automatic temperature set and control
  • Electric heater defrosting
  • Protection devices
  • Safe, easy low cost for installation and operation

Main Technical Data


LJ MY standard Cond Evap temp -7°C, Cond Temp 45 °C,
LJ LY standard Cond Evap Temp -25°C, Cond Temp 45°C

Overall Dimension & Drawing