A Cold (+1°C) or Freezer (-20°C) room is an insulated and refrigerated space that is temperature controlled to aid in the preservation of products that require cold temperatures. Specialized cold rooms and freezer rooms for specific products require specific temperatures to preserve the product better. Like for instance vegetables require 5°C.
Cold rooms are built inside warehouses, factories, shops, containers and houses. You'll need at least a level concrete floor to install on and a canopy over the entire unit to keep it from direct sun and elements.
Each room is custom designed to suit the requirements of the specific customer. The following aspects are considered when designing the room: 1) What size room do you need? (length x width x height) (dependant on space you have available and volume of product you would like to store.) 2) What is the product to be stored? 3) Volume of product entering daily? (In Kg) 4) Total volume to be stored? (In Kg) 5) Temperature at which product will be entering? (degrees Celsius) 6) Temperature required? (std +1 °C for cold rooms and -20°C for freezer rooms) 7) Time required to get product down to required temp? (Pull down time, standard 24hrs) 8) Door size required? (Std hinge- 900 x 2000mm. Std slide- 2400 x 2400)(any other required) 9) Location of installation. (Country and city)
The condensing unit is placed outside, connected to the internal evaporator blower coil via copper tubing and wiring.
This will depend on the size of the compressor or condensing unit. Africhill uses modern packs with silent scroll type compressors.
All rooms are pre manufactured in our factory to allow ease of installation on site with a minimum cutting and modification needed on site. Installations are clean and quick.
This again depends on the size of the room and accessories involved. (As example a simple 9m x 9m room can easily be completed in +-3 days)
Our teams will start with the construction of the insulated structure first. Once the main structure is standing another team will move onto refrigeration while the first continues with trimmings and finishing of the insulated structure.
The cold room will be delivered as a flat packed modular system that will be moved into the required space as pre-manufactured pieces and assembled inside the required area.
Refrigeration units require 1Phase 220V or 3Phase 380V systems. Typical domestic units will run off a 1Phase supply. Any system larger than a 2HP will need a 3Phase 380V supply.
This can be customized and designed to suit your requirement. We will consider the product heat load, quantity, weight and required cool down time when calculating the cooling capacity requirement of the cold room or freezer room.
On the small range: 2.4mx 2.4m or 3.6m x 2.4m or 3.6m x 3.6m or 4.8m x 3.6m or 4.8m x 4.8m On the larger range: These can be custom built to any size required.
Certainly not! Our units are designed to operate in the harshest African ambient and will on hot days continue to cool your product!
Yes, we can design the room to operate at your required temperature.