Refrigeration Room and Cold Storage

A detailed digram how a refrigeration cycle


Africhill is a South Africa based company catering to the refrigeration and cold storage needs of customers worldwide. We have been operating in insulation and cooling or refrigeration industry for nearly sixteen years. Our professionals specialize in manufacturing cold storage rooms, condensing units, mortuary cabinets, insulated panel and blower coils for use in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry.

We not just serve in local market but also supply to the global industry at competitive price. Our team of expert professionals design and produce cold storage rooms, blast freezers, insulation panels (plain and fluted), cold room doors (hinge and sliding), evaporator blower coils and their associated components for use in a wide range of applications. Our main objective is to provide an energy efficient and hygienic atmosphere for food processing, transport refrigeration, blood and drug storage units. We have our own manufacturing unit with maximum capacity of 3000 square feet panels per day. Be sure that we have experienced and skilled professionals to meet your expectations in HVAC equipment production and delivery. Apart from processing the order of clients and ensuring delivery on time, we also offer service for professional installation of these products.

Whether you want to install or replace refrigeration units, cold storage panels, insulated floors or blower coils for a boost in the performance of your cooling and freezing system, we can help you.

Check our product list and order the one you want to purchase for your restaurant, winery, milk cooling tank or food storage unit.

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